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Kelly Chan

What roles did you take on during the graduate program?

During the Graduate Program I worked in a range of roles including project management, financial and business reporting and analysis, as well as application and database development. Within the program I was also able to work in many different levels of the organisation, with roles in client account teams, service delivery teams, as well as regional strategy and operations, and technology teams.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?
One of my proudest achievements during the graduate program was running the “Bring Your Child to Work Day” event for the Sydney office. This was a huge task, as we invited over 200 children, along with their parents to participate in an activity-filled day in the office. It was a huge co-ordination effort, but was lots of fun for both the volunteers that participated, as well as the kids!

What have you learned from working at HPE?
Having worked during university at a really small technology company, one of the biggest lessons from the HPE Graduate program has been the increased understanding of how to get things done in a large multinational company. I’ve also developed my leadership and teamwork skills through working in such varied roles, with so many different people, all with different working styles.

What personal qualities have helped you succeed at HPE?
Having a practical approach, and taking initiative when presented with tasks or problems have been the most valuable strengths that have helped me succeed during my time at HPE. Other useful skills are flexibility - in order to be able to deal with often busy and disorganized work days, as well as having commitment to my tasks and attention to detail to be able to deliver the best results possible.