Sana Dimian Hewlett Packard Enterprise Image

Sana Dimian

Monash University
2013 Business Graduate | Enterprise Services| Melbourne
Sana Dimian, BSc Psychology and Biochemistry 2012, Monash University

What roles have you occupied at HPE?
I started in the Graduate Program as a Business Operations Analyst before moving into a temporary Operations Manager role. I am now the Operations Manager for Business Processing Services in Melbourne. My responsibility is to manage a team for our large supermarket client, ensuring that we deliver end to end payroll and work on business improvement processes.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?
I’m most proud of my involvement in various business improvement processes such as refining billing and customer end-user experience. I’ve also really enjoyed engaging in non-work related activities such as vice chair of the site leadership council which involved planning and hosting employee engagement activities which were well attended and have assisted me to progress my career in HPE.

What do you like about the Graduate Program?
The Graduate Program is a great stepping stone into the industry. I have been exposed to working with different teams and built my confidence in the industry. The graduate program has enabled me to develop thought leadership, understanding what it will be like to work with a diverse team as well enhance my business acumen. 

What in your opinion is the key to a successful career?
I’m a big believer in positive thinking. I’ve learnt that having the necessary knowledge is not enough and that maintaining a positive attitude has also been key to my success in HPE.