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Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific

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France Arabelle Gonzales

Being in this job has a big responsibility, as this involves handling client’s business processes. You must handle it with confidence and with care as these relate to the client’s success

What's your job about?

Hitachi Solutions is an IT company that is a partner of Microsoft in implementing and supporting their ERP products to clients. In this company, I am working as a Consultant for Microsoft AX Dynamics, which is one of their products.

As Consultants, we must be knowledgeable of the Microsoft AX product as we are involved in implementing and supporting this product to clients.
In the implementation phase, we guide clients who are now wanting to start their ERP system or change their ERP system to Microsoft. In this role, we analyze the client’s processes, data and needs then map this to Microsoft AX (ERP system). Here, we also train the users on how they can now do their processes in Microsoft AX. The other role is providing support to users. This is the after-implementation phase wherein we continue to provide support to the client if they have other needs or if they encounter issues while processing in the system.

The tasks I have mentioned can be overwhelming at first as the terms are quite not familiar to some but think you can introduce Microsoft AX to someone like a mobile application. You need to know the features of this app, tell that person what processes they can do with it, and show them how they can process it. If they encounter issues, you will help them in resolving them or coordinate this issue with the creator of the app.

Before you are going to be deployed to a client, there are training videos that you can watch to familiarize yourself with Microsoft AX. There is a training environment/system where you can apply and test the things you learned, and you can ask your superiors if you have questions.

What's your background?

I grew up in Makati, Philippines, been to public schools ever since and when I graduated from college, I immediately sent application forms to different companies so that I can now start to help my family. It was tough as there are many competent candidates for the roles I have applied, and it was tough for fresh grads. Days passed and turned to a month, I was still not able to be admitted to the company and firms that I would want to be hired.

Then, I was informed that there is hiring at Hitachi Solutions. At first, I was overwhelmed with the terms of the job description. I was not even aware of Microsoft AX! But I understand that this is one of the ERP systems which we have discussed in our Systems Information subject.

I was also skeptical about it at first because the job description seems to be overwhelming for a fresh grad and I was thinking will they really rely on a fresh grad for this task? Despite this, I went on with the interviews and was amazed that somehow, I was able to answer the questions as they are related to Accounting, which is my course.

Although I was not able to answer many questions about ERP – they mentioned that this is understandable. Thankfully, I was hired, and I am grateful to Hitachi for trusting me for the job. Now, I have been in the company for 4 years – I grew in knowledge, met different people, and I was even entrusted to work abroad

Could someone with a different background do your job?

I think yes IF you have knowledge of the business process involved. You can always learn Microsoft AX modules through training, but you should have knowledge or have the experience of the processes involved. There are many modules in AX, which can be Finance related, Supply chain Management related, Retail related, or Project related. You should be tough and patient for this job and be able to work under pressure. Also, communication skills are a must.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

I think what I love about this job is there is continuous knowledge. You are not only locked to your accounting knowledge, but you are also able to learn from other modules such as supply chain management, project management, etc. Plus, you are also able to connect with clients 3 locally and internationally, which will improve your communication skills. This is also a job that offers competitive compensation.

What are the limitations of your job?

Being in this job has a big responsibility, as this involves handling client’s business processes. You must handle it with confidence and with care as these relate to the client’s success. Yes, there are some times when you must work on weekends, as there are deadlines to be met and we cannot delay the client’s business. You need to be patient as sometimes there are things that you cannot comprehend at first. With that, you must exert effort to understand it. You should not have a faint heart – not all clients can get along well with you.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

Don’t pressure yourself too much. Pursue the things that you really want to do and do not limit yourself. Enjoy every season of your life!