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Yuanyun Yong

7.00 AM

Wake up at 7.00 am to feed the cats and get ready for the day. Start to walk to work at around 7.30 am (ideally!) and reach at about 8.00 am.

8.00 AM

Upon reaching the office, I start up my computer and leave to go find some form of liquid (usually tea or water depending on how sleepy I am) to hydrate myself after that intense morning walk I had (just kidding, I pretty much amble rather than power walk). Having started up all my necessary applications, I start the day off reading any emails I may have.

8.30 AM

I usually have a meeting with the rest of the team at about 8.30 am to discuss our plans for the day, any roadblocks which might hinder our progress and offer any assistance to anyone who might need it.

9.00 AM

Being a part of a big project, I have been assigned to work alongside the subject matter expert of EBI (Enterprise Building Integrator) and try to learn as much as I can about the system and become an expert someday myself (hopefully!). Since EBI involves integration with the rest of the systems in the project, my work is interesting and varied as this usually involves coordinating with other systems and learning about some other systems even when I’m working exclusively on EBI.

12.00 PM

Time for some lunch! I go to the lunchroom and there’s usually people about to sit and eat with.

12.30 PM

Back to work! Being a complex system, there are usually several parts I work on, such as the configuration of graphics, scripting, or even interfacing to controllers for different systems. Since there are so many parts and so much work to be done, some graphics work have been sent off to GES (which is located in India) to help with some tasks. There are usually a few meetings with the subject matter expert and quite possibly the team from GES scheduled in the afternoon so that everyone is kept up to speed where the local and overseas team are at.

5.00 PM

Time to get home! Since I walk, there is no rush to beat and I can enjoy the view and the feeling of a good day’s work being done.