Training & Personal Development at Honeywell

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

Informal training is very good. Formal training is good, but dependent on constraints regarding availability. Have gained very valuable management skills from informal training as well as technical knowledge
Graduate, Perth
Various training is on offer but recent financial situations have limited these opportunities. The soft skills training has been beneficial with a range of personal and interpersonal skills covered.
Graduate, Auckland
I've picked some good soft skills with respect to the graduate trainings that they have hosted. I've also picked some technical skills in relation to my ICT role.
Graduate, Canberra
They offer a wide range of training programs on various areas.
Graduate, Auckland
Great training on soft skills (general life/business skills) from the graduate program
Graduate, Auckland
Online, Internal and External training provided. Needs approval from managers and subject to workload.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very good training, not specific for my role, but that is because of the role I am in.
Graduate, Brisbane