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Mallika Bhoopasamudram

The culture at IAG is positive and welcoming. All of the teams that I have worked in thus far have been very receiving and supportive. It is a great place to work!

Can you describe a day in the life of your rotation?

I am currently in my final rotation in the Data Discovery team. My days are always changing depending on what I am working on, but a regular day begins with checking the Vine, looking through my emails and planning my to-do list for that day. Following this, the rest of the day depends on what working is pending in the different projects that I am involved in. A major project that I have been involved in is the Serenity project which looks to harmonise our policy systems. Through my rotations in Data, I have developed the capability to leverage the potential of EBG and EDH to gain valuable insights about data and improve decision making in different contexts. I have gained exposure to and improved my technical skills in programming languages, such as Python and SQL. Additionally, I have developed various soft skills such as communicating with different teams, engaging internal and external stakeholders, and managing relationships.

What is the culture like at IAG?

The culture at IAG is positive and welcoming. All of the teams that I have worked in thus far have been very receiving and supportive. It is a great place to work!

How did IAG respond to COVID-19 and how were you supported by your teams while working from home?

IAG had a swift response to COVID-19 and there was timely communication in regards to moving back into the workplace as new developments occurred. There was an increase in the number of team meetings and town halls held to improve communication and connectedness while working from home. As a company, IAG introduced many initiatives, such as lunch time talks and financial help to establish a working from home arrangement, to ensure employees felt connected and supported.

Are the working conditions flexible at IAG?

The working conditions at IAG are very flexible. All of the teams that I have worked in have promoted working flexibly to suit individual circumstances and achieve a work life balance. There has been no strict expectation to work from 9-5. There is also a great deal of flexibility as we transition into going back to the office to suit each employee and their needs.

What has been your most memorable experience on the Grad Program so far?

The most memorable experience of the Grad Program has been getting to know all the different graduates in my cohort and doing meaningful work that impacts several stakeholders and business goals.  

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a student applying for the Grad Program, what would it be?

It is essential to conduct research about IAG, its purpose & values and understand why you want to work at this company. It is also important to understand the different divisions at IAG and which division you want to work in depending upon your interests and skill set.

At IAG our purpose is making your world a safer place, how do you feel you have contributed to this as part of the Graduate Program?

I believe that IAG’s purpose is intrinsically incorporated into the organisation. I feel that I have contributed to this purpose with the different projects that I take part in as they are focused on streamlining internal processes, delivering better and faster services to our customers and developing our automation capabilities to improve the customer experience and reduce complaints.   

Describe in 3 words your experience so far:

Unique, rewarding and positive.