University of Melbourne
Plant Breeder's Rights Examiner
Nahida studied a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Plant Bio-Chemistry from the University of Melbourne.

I've always been fascinated by the variation and change in flowers. I love plants and I enjoy looking for the differences between one plant and another. I have an enquiring mind and eyes, so I love the scientific part of my job as a Plant Breeder’s Rights Examiner.

I studied a Bachelor of Science with Honours at the Bangladesh Agricultural University, and a Masters in Horticulture at Western Sydney University. I joined IP Australia in 2007 after completing my PhD in Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics in association with the University of Melbourne and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

In my work, I assess applications and examine plants of different species. To do this I assess applications explaining how the new variety was bred and I go on many field examinations a year. Some plant takes a few years to mature and fruit, so you have to factor in these natural cycles. I try to find a balance between the legal, technical and procedural aspects.

A very rewarding part of my work is that it allows me to travel internationally. In 2012, I attended a Plant Variety Protection Course in the Netherlands, with 25 delegates from 12 countries. We discussed international treaties, rights, exemptions, and privileges. It was great to be sharing ideas and experiences with people from different nations. Finally, I enjoyed my workplace very much, especially my friendly co-workers and the office location. The flexible hours are also helpful to fulfill my duties and responsibilities.

My advice to future graduates is to love your work and you will not be deprived.