Career Prospects at IP Australia

Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.

Not here long enough to realise this yet.
Experienced, Canberra
Senior positions are regularly posted. Must have experience before being considered.
Graduate, Canberra
The process is fair and there are many opportunities for people to act in higher positions to build their resume for a promotion.
Graduate, Canberra
As an examiner, there are opportunities to move within sections and divisions which many people take advantage of for a bit of job variety.
Midlevel, Canberra
Lots of examiners, not many higher level positions in my location. Much better opportunities in main office in Canberra.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Promotion is merit based and opportunities such as training and higher duties are available so that the skills required to advance can be acquired in due course.
Graduate, Canberra
There seem to be a number of promotion opportunities so long as you do excellent work and take advantage of a number of professional development opportunities.
Graduate, Canberra
Variety of positions available throughout the organisation and exchange between sections encouraged.
Graduate, Canberra
It can be difficult to move up in Melbourne. There are more opportunities in Canberra, but not everyone wants to move there.
Graduate, Melbourne