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IP Australia

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Culture at IP Australia

8.4 rating for Culture, based on 27 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Often socialise with several others outside work. Quite relaxed and friendly within the team.
People are always willing to help.
Great culture, great people. We mingle outside of work as well at work and have a great relationship.
Friendly and diverse.
Very good at organising team sports such as squash and cricket. Very good at organising social events such as group lunches and Friday drinks.
Socialising is available for those that want it. Structure and hierarchy are very flat and this means that there is good interaction across levels.
This job attracts a lot of different people, some more social than others.
At IP Australia the hierarchy bottom-up includes examiners who are APS-6 level and is followed by EL1 managers and then EL2 managers. Within the organisation everyone has the opportunity to socialise and cooperate with many people from all levels. There are opportunities to network through social events but also by co-working on team projects and work focus groups. There is an abundance of people working in the organisation enabling everyone to have many interesting meetings and conversations.
IP Australia has an excellent and diverse working culture and I have always felt supported in my environment. IP Australia allows for a flexible working environment with access to flex time and options to become out posted or to work from home. The day-to-day life of an examiner is quite an independent job; however, there are many social functions including happy hours and section morning teas to keep you connected to your colleagues.
Extremely friendly and helpful people. There are also a number of group activities (smaller business groups and/or entire company events) which are run both during work time and outside of work time. During training we are encouraged to meet people from outside our section and keep in contact with them.
Everyone gets along. Some people socialise lots among colleagues. Others would have other friends outside the office.
It is a very friendly and social workplace. This is very important as the nature of our work is very independent with only limited regular collaboration on work cases.
There is very little social interaction in our work itself, however we try to stay social with coffee meetings etc.
Healthy work environments are encouraged. Excellent policies and guidelines in place with easy access to clear learning/reference material. Executive and middle management are dispersed with their sections for direct contact with the day to day. Social activities during and after work hours are strongly supported.
The culture is collegial, friendly and enthusiastic, which I've found both in and out of the office. Employees are widely encouraged to engage in other aspects of life, hobbies, family responsibilities etc. These aspects are encouraged by my direct boss as well as the head of my section.
My section is multi-cultural. Everyone is friendly and supportive. Senior examiners and supervising examiners interact with other examiners well.
People are very friendly and engaging. My intake cohort are very social and accepting. My work colleagues are friendly, very helpful and intelligent.
Flexible and friendly workplace.
The office culture is very casual and friendly. There is no need for formal business attire. It is acceptable and quite common to socialise among cubicles and in the kitchen during the day. After hours tend to be even more casual, with happy hour events and local pub visits. The work does not require a lot of team work, it can be very independent of others (which is probably why it is common to socialise with others during the day). In my office, the hierarchy includes three levels. The higher levels of the organisation are based in the Canberra head office.
The organisation is very welcoming and inclusive.