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IP Australia

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Management at IP Australia

8.5 rating for Management, based on 27 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
EL1 is good, not much interaction (yet) with higher levels.
Open door policy. Very good mentors.
Great, open door policy. Willingness to approach you individually to find out if there are any issues.
Yes the on the job training is very good.
Excellent mentoring, communication and feedback.
In the first couple of years your supervisor is your "coach" so they work with you to ensure you understand the work and what is required.
Within our section, access to managers is good and I have always felt supported.
Senior and Supervising examiners are very accessible and willing to help out.
My immediate supervisor is very approachable and coordinates my training.
Everyone is contactable by Lync, an internal messaging system. I sit right next to an SES (a top dog within the APS) and he's very approachable. People are all very willing for a chat and to help you out if need. Everybody has a specific supervisor to help them, but we all help each other out in different situations.
Managers are hands on and located near work stations.
My direct supervisor is highly available to me and is an excellent mentor. He regularly provides feedback (positive and negative).
Managers interact with others well. They are mostly approachable and friendly.
Most managers are great and very generous with time. Some could communicate better.
Significant interaction with direct supervisors during training. Regular updates and communication from senior management.
Managers are very approachable and give useful, constructive feedback.