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IP Australia

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Working Hours at IP Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
36.75 hrs, we have flex. Any extra hours accumulated in excess of the standard 36.75 hrs can be flexed off.
36.75 hours per week. Anything extra counts toward time off.
Really flexible, we have adequate leave and flex time.
7:21 hrs per day, flex time, can be out posted or home based.
Very flexible working hours, even working from home arrangements are available after training.
IP Australia is a very flexible workplace. Standard hours in the office constitute a 7 hour, 21 minute day (excluding a minimum half hour lunch); however, with flex being available, you are able to work these hours between 7am and 7pm and you can accrue certain amounts of flex for extra time spent on the job and take this time off at a later stage. This is a great system and I often use flex to have the occasional long lunch and to duck out of the office for those pesky errands that can only be done in working hours. Also, many staff (especially in patents) have the ability to work from home and there is also a possibility of being out-posted. I currently work two days from home and this system works well for me as I save on car expenses, parking and time driving to the office (so I have extra time to spend with my family).
We have a 7 hour 21 minute day, with flexible time arrangements that mean you pick when you come in and leave (as long as you do the required hours).
You work your hours, but have access to flex time - so if you go over your hours you can take them later.
We work 7 hours 21 mins per day, however I use flex to work 4 long days so I can take Fridays off. The place is very flexible. I can also do overtime if I need extra money.
Hours are 7.21 per day and flexible time is supported. Start and finish is anywhere between 7 am and 7 pm.
Very flexible. I start work anywhere between 8am and 10am and finish anywhere between 3pm and 6:30pm.
I normally work from 8.30-16.51. However, in some days of the week, I adjust my work time to suit my family needs and utilize flex as well.
Very flexible on when the hours are worked. Also have the capability to work from home.
Highly flexible, future options for home based and out posted work.
At least 7 hours and 21 minutes a day. Any extra becomes flex time, which you can use to take time off depending on how much you accumulate.