Job Satisfaction at Ixom

Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.

I am always tasked with a wide variety of work - managing projects, completing small or large tasks, supervising contractors and attempting to find solutions to problems.
Graduate, Mt Maunganui
My day to day activities include updating drawings and technical documents, helping other engineers on the plant with work that they need done, and completing projects on my own. The majority of my workload is projects, most of which are my sole responsibility.
Graduate, Melbourne
Ensuring Projects are running to schedule, ordering the equipment
Graduate, Tauranga (NZ)
Day to day plant operation troubleshooting. Project work: organising and monitoring the trial of a new dosing chemical on site; upgrading 6 identical dosing pumps on site; improving the sites induction system by creating an induction video etc; installing 2 new sample lines on site for turbidity probes. Projects involve all stages: planning, implementation, commissioning & then monitoring its performance while its in operation.
Graduate, Sydney
As a graduate, the company emphasizes learning and exploration. My day-to-day responsibilities include developing and maintaining relationship with customers. My role is to support and grow the sales unit I am in. This includes helping the leader plan and produce marketing material, attending conferences and trade show, and visiting customers. A big part of my roles also includes learning how to navigate internally in the company to get things done.
Graduate, Melbourne