Training & Personal Development at Ixom

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

I have not overly been exposed to formal and informal training. I have taken one course in project management which was not very informative. I have undertaken a fire safety course which was valuable. Lastly, I took part in an advanced driving course which I found extremely useful. I believe I could benefit from participating in more training.
Graduate, Mt Maunganui
I am quite satisfied with the training offered by the company, I've attended a pump training course courtesy of the company, and many more internal training sessions. I'm also about to complete forklift training.
Graduate, Melbourne
HAZOP basic and leader training. First aid & CPR training.
Graduate, Sydney
There's no formal training, but plenty of informal training. I'd say it would be ideal for graduates who has a general picture of who they want to be and is proactive in educating themselves. Please note the company just started its graduate program 2 years ago, and for that i'd say they are doing really well.
Graduate, Melbourne