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Alice Colquhoun


6.30 AM

My day starts with my alarm going off and I hit the snooze button a few times.

6.45 AM

Finally, I get out of bed and start getting ready for the day ahead of me.

8.00 AM

I arrive at the office usually picking up some breakfast and a coffee on my way in, which I sip on as I sit and scroll through any new emails in my inbox.

work from home

8.30 AM

I have a Microsoft teams call with another lawyer and a witness for a trial we are going to be running in a couple of months. We are taking him through a draft affidavit that we have prepared on his behalf and asking him questions along the way. It’s quite an early call as he is based in Kansas in the US.

10.00 AM

Back at my desk I continue working on a research task given to me by one of the partners, requiring me to consider recent amendments to the Corporations Act.


12.30 PM

Lunch time rolls around and I go down with my new work friends to the food hall at the bottom of our building to enjoy the fresh air.

2.00 PM

After researching and drafting emails for another hour or so I have a meeting with a lawyer from one of our other Australian offices who gives me a run-down of a new task that I am responsible for managing over a BlueJeans video conference.

4.30 PM

I look at the time and realise that it’s almost the end of the day yet I haven't finished all my tasks…

End of day