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Jack Morey

7:00 AM

My first morning alarm goes off and I realise that it is no longer the weekend and I have to head into work. Naturally, I immediately hit the snooze button and try to get a little more sleep.

7.10 AM

The snooze for my first alarm goes off and I am not ready to start the day so I turn it off and shut my eyes again.

7.15 AM

My second morning alarm goes off and I still do not want to get out of bed. So I decide to put on a 5 minute timer to delay the inevitable.

7.20 AM

The five minute timer goes off and I am still not feeling it, so I usually put on another five minute timer.

7.25 AM

After another five minute timer goes off, I realise that I actually have to get ready to go to work. I start my morning routine by heading upstairs, saying hello to my housemates and putting on the kettle to make myself a cheeky Moccona instant coffee. As you can probably guess, I am not a morning person so I usually only eat a small breakfast and I put on a YouTube video to entertain me as my body slowly wakes up.

8.15 AM

Once I get dressed, I put on Spotify and finally leave my house to walk up to the nearest bus stop to catch a bus into the city.

9.00 AM

I arrive at my building on Eagle St and catch a lift up to Level 29. As I walk into the firm, I do a lap of the premises and say hello to everyone I pass on the way to my office. Once I step into my office, I promptly take off my suit jacket, which I probably should have left at home due to the warm Brisbane weather, and boot up my computer. I then proceed to go through my emails and prepare to do some legal work.

9.30 AM

Throughout the morning, I will have a chat to some of the partners and associates who brief me on work they would like me to do for them. In the early years of working at JWS, you get the opportunity to work in a wide variety of practice areas rather than settling in a specific team. One partner may ask me to perform some research relevant to an upcoming court case that we are involved in, while another practitioner may have me assist in preparing transaction documents for a deal that the firm are helping to broker.

12.30 PM

Hunger has usually kicked in around midday so I head down to a nearby food court and buy some sushi, a salad or a sandwich. I then proceed to head back up to the office where I usually eat lunch with co-workers and chat about what we have been up to recently.

1.00 PM

After lunch, I head back to my office and continue with getting my work done. I will often have a partner or an associate drop by my office and ask me to assist with a matter that they are working on. Again, this could relate to a wide range of areas from corporate finance to property, which helps to provide me with a broad level of experience in the early years of my law career.

5.00 PM

If my day has not been too busy, I will usually get to head home around 5pm. However, on occasion, I may need to stay back in the office for an hour or two to get on top of my workload and complete whatever it is that I have to get done.

6.00 PM

As soon as I get home, I say hi to my housemates and promptly head off to my local gym to get some exercise after sitting down at my desk all day.

7.30 PM

Once my gym session is over, I get home, look in the fridge and pray that I have had the foresight to meal prep my dinner. I then sit down in the lounge room with my housemates, watch some shows on a streaming service and discuss what our plans are for the weekend.

9.30 PM

Once my housemates have all decided they want to head off to bed, I walk downstairs to have a shower and shave before heading to my room and watching a television show or movie before bed.

11.30 PM

After a hard day of work, it’s time to hit the hay and get a well-deserved rest so that I can be recharged and re-energised enough to snooze my alarm several times tomorrow morning before another busy day of work as a junior lawyer.