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Lalita Kirilak

Johnson Winter & Slattery provides great training and support during both the clerkship and graduate program.

Where did you go to university and what did you study?

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Western Australia where I obtained a Bachelor of Science majoring in psychology and economics in 2015. I then went on to complete my postgraduate studies in law at the University in Notre Dame (Fremantle) in 2019.

What training and support did you get in the clerkship and graduate program?

Johnson Winter & Slattery provides great training and support during both the clerkship and graduate program. During the clerkship program, we were assigned a buddy and a mentor, and took part in a number of training sessions to refine research skills and learn about the various practice areas that JWS offers nationally.

During the graduate program, JWS offer numerous training sessions which you can take part in. As a graduate, you are also generally working directly alongside partners or senior practitioners who provide great on the job training.

What’s the firm really like as a place to work?

Culture is such a buzz word, but I really do believe the culture here is fantastic. The environment is supportive and collaborative, and the people are very friendly. From very earlier on, you are taken on board of a variety of matters and exposed to such interesting work. The ability to work across multiple practice areas and not be fixed to one practice during a set rotation really enables you to develop your skills quickly.

Have you worked on any pro bono matters?

I have had many opportunities to get involved in pro bono work from the beginning of my graduate year. I am currently completing a one day a week secondment at Law Access, which is a non-for-profit organisation that coordinates the giving of pro bono legal assistance by the Western Australian legal profession. The variety of work which I do at Law Access is broad and ranges from migration matters to civil and family law matters (to name a few).

Asides from that, the firm also invites you to put your hand up for any other pro bono matters that come through. The Perth office also has some exciting new pro bono initiatives coming up this year. The firm’s pro bono practice is constantly growing.

I personally find pro bono very rewarding as it gives you an opportunity to use your legal and non-legal skills for those that may not be able to afford legal assistance otherwise.

What have you learnt?

I have learnt that your university degree provides you with basic building blocks, but it’s the on the job training that is most important. I have also learnt that attention to detail and a willingness to keep learning are two of the most important skills to have as a lawyer.