Updating Results

Tamyka Patterson

6:30 AM

My alarms go off telling me it’s to get up from my comfy bed and make my way into the office. It’s Friday and it is by far my favourite day of the week!

8:30 AM

My train arrives at Wynyard and I head straight to my go to coffee place for my first large flat white for the day. Once I have my coffee I walk up the street and into our offices for the first time in 2021. 

Day in the life Tamyka Patterson Johnstaff

9:00 AM

There is a lot to do today but, we have a Mental Health & Wellbeing Education Awareness Session coordinated by Black Dog Institute and it’s just something I can’t miss. WE learn about what to look out for in the workplace that may be mental health related so that we can look out for another as well five ways to wellbeing for ourselves that we can practice, so I think I need to start giving these a go!

10:00 AM

After an informative session, I sit down at my desk and think about what needs to get done today and their priorities. I even get out the coloured highlighters to colour code the importance of each – it’s so much easier! Now it’s time to send the weekly email out to all our Principal, Associate Directors, Project Directions and Project leads requiring their updates for the weekly achievements email to be issued later in the day so we can celebrate everyone’s project related wins and personal achievements. 

Day in the life Tamyka Patterson Johnstaff

11:00 AM

I dial into our monthly PCG meeting with the contractor from one of our projects. During this meeting, we go through the contractors monthly report to get updates on our project and key reporting information. Overall it’s a good meeting and we can’t wait for the project to be complete by May 2021. 

12:00 PM

I am starving! I didn’t pack lunch today so it’s time to brave the outside world and grab some food and another coffee. I’ve decided to get a chicken schnitzel wrap from my usual place, but before I do I decide it’s best to stretch my legs and clear my mind to tackle the rest of the afternoon.

Day in the life Tamyka Patterson Johnstaff

1:00 PM

I put my desk into the standing position and get ready to write one of my five monthly reports. The team has already undertaken a bulk of the report so I just need to update the financials and undertake a review prior to issue to the Client – only some minor updates required which is fantastic work by the team. As I do that an email pops up about the official opening ceremony for one of the projects I am leading – it’s next Thursday and I get to go! It’s an exciting milestone to achieve due to all the work from the past 3 years to get it to the point that the facility will commence operations with patients and provide a service to the community – it’s a great chance for me to get out onto site, put on my boots and check out the remainder of the demolition works occurring onsite.

3:00 PM

3 pm rolls around and I just can’t believe that the day has gone so quickly! It also means that it’s my favourite time of a Friday –  the weekly achievements emails. As a member of the social committee, we have an initiative to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements all of our colleagues achieve in the week to keep us connected. It’s something I love doing as it’s a great feeling when reading through what everyone has been up to both professionally and personally considering the team just keeps hitting goals!

4:00 PM

Ok, so the day is almost over! And time to start the weekend! Although I am about to hit send on correspondence to one of the contractors regarding a claim they have made. As always, the first point of call is to give them a call and let them know – communication and cooperative relationships are key aspects of what we do so it’s really important to maintain those relationships even if you do need to be the bearer of bad news in some instances.

4:30 PM

We gather around in the kitchen, unfortunately to have drinks for a member of the team who is leaving the Johnstaff family to relocate to Queensland. Drinks in hand, a member of the team makes a speech thanking the team member of their efforts during their time with Johnstaff, and as always is a good laugh.

5:00 PM

Normally I would stay around a bit longer but for some reason we decided to move house this weekend so it’s time to get back on the train and head home and think about what next week has in store!