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Lauren Brice

I work with a team of 6 salespeople alongside traders to facilitate positions in order to gain exposure to Australia and New Zealand’s macro markets.

What do you do? What are the duties, functions and responsibilities that you are involved in as part of your role?

I am an analyst in Fixed Income Sales, a group within the Sales and Trading business. I work with a team of 6 salespeople alongside traders to facilitate positions in order to gain exposure to Australia and New Zealand’s macro markets. This requires communicating with our clients, putting forward ideas in different products, passing information from our research team and responding to client requests. I am responsible for the execution of trades, while supporting the senior team with idea generation and client engagement.

Can you tell us a little about J.P. Morgan's work culture and environment? What sets it apart?

J.P. Morgan’s work environment fosters a safe and supportive culture which juniors like me are lucky to benefit from. It is an environment where people at all levels of the firm are willing to make the time to help you learn and grow professionally and personally. What sets J.P. Morgan apart are the opportunities you have as a junior, whether it be going to client meetings, attending a 6-week training program in New York with 130 of your global peers or having your voice heard in meetings with senior members of the bank.

How did you get started in this field? How well did your work relate to the experiences or studies you had in university?

I studied Marketing and Management during university, so I was not familiar with the financial industry initially. My first exposure into banking was after a lecturer whom I respected came to my class to share industry insights from his 20 years of working experience at J.P. Morgan. He was a mentor to me during my penultimate year of school which sparked my interest to pursue a career in finance. To prepare me for this role, I took skills I previously acquired from working in the food industry, an internship at a car company and my ongoing involvement in university societies. The transferable skills I learned from these experiences could be brought into the workplace while the technical skills I learned through doing the job.

Do you have any advice for someone applying for J.P. Morgan? Or more specifically, the field you're involved in?

My advice for someone applying into J.P. Morgan is be open to different areas of the bank. There are a multitude of opportunities apart from traditional investment banking roles which cater to a variety of interests and backgrounds. Employers like J.P. Morgan value candidates with different backgrounds as they bring unique ways of thinking and solving problems.

What do you find to be the most interesting or challenging part of your work?

The pace of the work is both the most interesting and most challenging part of my job. It is an incredibly intellectually stimulating role, dynamic and ever-changing but I find I am surrounded by bright and motivated people who challenge me daily.