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Application Process & Interviews at J.P. Morgan

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Three step interview process where you submit an application and answer generic questions, a phone interview, and lastly a face to face interview.
I joined as a graduate via the intern program. The intern interview process included two rounds of phone interviews and a 4-hour assessment centre.
Case studies, technical interviews, qualitative questions
Challenging process with technical knowledge, market knowledge as well as behavioral questions
Online application including cover letter submission and two rounds of interviews (phone interview, 2 x 2 on 1 interviews in person on the same day)
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
What I understand about business and which particular businesses. What do I know about J.P. Morgan and what do I like about them
Typical behavioral questions and typical financial interview questions to show baseline understanding of valuation and accounting.
A mix of corporate finance, problem solving, and 'getting to know you' type questions
Why J.P. Morgan, why markets, knowledge of current events and news items, behavioral question e.g. 'Discuss a time I have demonstrated resilience'.
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Must do adequate research of J.P. Morgan as a business, use your own personal experience to answer questions. ie. take examples from jobs where you've previously worked, University assignments. Think about what kind of questions you will get.
Look for all possible ways to get experience in the firm, it offers more than one route such as the Hatch program and High school programs
Technical knowledge is necessary but not sufficient - you just need to know them. I feel that people get too bogged down in this part of the interview process. It's the behavioral part in interviews that is more important. Be likeable, be interesting, show integrity, show interest in the role.
Prepare in depth knowledge on standard investment banking interview questions and brush up on corporate finance
Know your stuff
Research the company in depth. J.P. Morgan prides itself on their history and culture so understand how this aligns with your values and be able to detail this in the interview.