Working Hours at J.P. Morgan

How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?

The work hours vary but on the whole are on par for the industry. Work hours can be flexible at times.
Graduate, Sydney
I work between 40 and 55 hours a week. Some teams are relaxed with when you enter the office; others are more rigid. Unfortunately, some teams will request you to work all sorts of odd hours, rather than sticking to a consistent schedule.
Graduate, Sydney
Flexibility is critical. I have found that when there are extreme cases of extended project hours, I always get these hours back in the long term. Technology in particular is very flexible with the hours I work. Late nights always equate to late mornings.
Graduate, Sydney
Not flexible when it comes to work hours.
Graduate, Sydney
For me it's an average of 75-85 hours per week. Company is flexible when it comes to hours if personal matters arise. Weekend work can be completed remotely most of the time if it's needed.
Graduate, Melbourne
Typically work 70-85 hours a week. Fairly inflexible, but very understandable when issues arise that require time away from the office
Midlevel, Melbourne
I spend more hours than I would ideally like in the office. They are flexible when there is capacity however when we are tight on headcount - it is difficult to gain the same flexibility
Graduate, Sydney
As flexible as an investment bank could be
Midlevel, Sydney