Updating Results


  • 100 - 500 employees

Veronica Yang

6.15 AM

I get up early so I can squeeze in a quick gym session at the hotel gym, which is a good way to pump myself up for the day ahead. By 8.00 am, my teammates and I meet in the hotel lobby to share an Uber to the client site. The client is an Australian grocery franchise operator, and my work is to deliver value improvement for their facility management services procurement. It is also Fly Day today (back to home!), and I check out of my room using the hotel app during the ride.

8.30 AM

I start the day going through my emails and creating today’s to-do-list, while finishing off a quick breakfast we got on the way into the office. I also review our project Trello board and make a note of the things I want to raise in our morning stand-up.

9.15 AM

Everyone in my workstream, including the client team members, meet for our daily team stand-up. This is a short meeting to get everyone on the same page regarding today’s priorities and resolve any challenges. Each of us also provides a status update on our tasks. One client team member raises a speed bump he faces in completing his task, and the manager notes it down to be escalated to the senior leadership for their support.  

9.30 AM

I catch-up with a senior analyst I am working with to review the pricing comparison model we have been building to compare the suppliers that have tendered for the client’s services. My key task today is to finalise the model to evaluate the supplier’s responses and then prepare a dashboard tool to facilitate decision making in an upcoming supplier selection workshop. This is quite a complex task as we are working with over 100 suppliers across more than ten different service categories, but the senior analyst is great at modelling so he provides some great guidance on how to best approach this - one perk of working with smart teammates is that you are constantly learning!

12.30 PM

The team goes for a quick lunch together, and we got takeaway to the client courtyard to enjoy some of the sunshine.

1.00 PM

Back from lunch, I check our tender inbox and responds to a few supplier queries that have come in. I then shift my focus back to creating the dashboard tool for the supplier selection workshop. I completed a draft version of the dashboard and sent it to my manager along with preliminary insights on supplier competitiveness and potential savings ahead of our 4.00 pm weekly team check-in.

4.00 PM

The whole team meet for our end-of-week meeting to discuss what went well and what would be even better in the past week. This also includes whether we are satisfied with our work-life balance, and we would then set a goal related to improving our work-life balance for next week. Two local team members committed to cycling to work every-day next week – we have some fit people on the team!

5.00 PM

Those of us who are travelling back to home rush into an Uber in a bid to beat the traffic and get to the airport on time. The manager calls me during the ride to clarify a few questions he had about the insights and provided some feedback on the dashboard tool. I note down the feedback and save a desktop version of the model and the dashboard so I can process the changes later. We get to the airport in good time for our flight, and bumped into some other Kearney members who are travelling for another project at the security gate. It is always nice to see other Kearney people around!

6.30 PM

Flight takes off and I pull out my laptop to process the feedback my manager provided, finishing just in time for the descent when flight attendants start to tell everyone to put away their large electronics.

9.00 PM

Arriving home, I send off my work and check that there’s no more work to be done for the night. I catch-up with the family for a bit before getting a much-needed early night.