Rebecca Rajanayagam King & Wood Mallesons Summer Clerk

Rebecca Rajanayagam

Macquarie University
Summer Clerk
Rebecca studied Bachelor of Commerce with Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University

Summer clerk intake: 2017/18
Areas of rotation: Mergers & Acquisitions and Projects & Real Estate

A KWM clerkship is a fantastic experience, and here’s why.

The application and interview process:

KWM’s approach stands out from the rest. Foregoing cover letters and resumes, KWM focuses on learning about who you are by asking a few interesing questions about yourself, giving you a real opportunity to showcase what sets you apart. Uniquely, KWM also opens its doors throughout the process to show you what working at the firm is actually like. You’ll quickly sense the culture of the firm and what to expect from working at KWM.

The work:

Both of my teams made sure I was involved in a diverse range of matters. I attended client meetings and settlements, conducted research tasks, prepared advice and drafted client-facing documents. What I really valued most was that by explaining the context of the deals, the lawyers always ensured I understood the significance of my role to the larger matter. By also allowing me to work alongside them, they made my contributions feel valued and helped make me feel part of the team.

The culture:

At KWM, you will work alongside lawyers who are at the top of their game, but are down to earth. Everyone shares the same drive to provide nothing short of the best for their clients, but they do so by working collaboratively, which makes the process of delivering that work enjoyable. This support afforded to each other, both within and across teams, creates a real sense of comradery within the firm that is incomparable.

The support:

During my clerkship, I felt supported by everyone around me. While my buddies were my first port of call for any question I had, every team member was approachable and went to lengths to ensure I was comfortable and confident with my work.

Pro Bono and community:

KWM really does recognise the importance of making a difference. Over the clerkship, we worked in teams to develop a volunteering program that could be implemented at the firm to assist the community. This was a good opportunity to innovate in collaboration with colleagues to help those in need.

For those who are passionate about volunteering, KWM also offers plenty of opportunities. I had the chance to spend a day with the Salvation Army in Surry Hills, cooking up a storm with fellow clerks to feed the homeless, which was a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

The social life:

The KWM clerkship is very social, with plenty of chances to bond with your cohort through fun activities including inter-firm sport, trivia nights, Friday night drinks, clerk lunches, the KWM Christmas Party, an amazing race, the Clerk Cruise and much more!

Why I chose King & Wood Mallesons:

When you work full-time, you want to be surrounded not only by people who are as hard-working and driven as yourself, but people you can also share a laugh with. KWM lawyers are just that – as a partner once said to me, they take their work very seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. When I saw this happen in reality, I knew KWM was the place for me.

My clerkship vs. my expectations:

My clerkship at KWM exceeded my expectations. I was more involved in deals than I thought I would be, everyone was extremely supportive and encouraging, and I was really made to feel part of each of the teams.

Who would I recommend a KWM clerkship to:

If you have a passion for commercial law and want to work alongside brilliant and supportive lawyers to provide only the best service for clients every day, KWM is the place for you.