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Management at King & Wood Mallesons

8.2 rating for Management, based on 82 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Very team-dependent. My current supervising Partner is very accessible, friendly and a good mentor.
The partners are generally approachable and friendly.
There are regular events where management update the firm and ask for feedback.
This depends very much on the team. Some managers are great mentors and sounding boards.
It really depends on the team and can vary.
Good intentions but managers often busy.
I haven't been here long but currently the managers I have are fantastic.
Some are better than others, but overall quite approachable.
Very accessible Depends on the partner however.
Your supervisors are usually very approachable and many of them are great mentors (with some exceptions of course). Communications with senior management team on the big picture (eg. what is the firm going) usually depend on their roadshow about twice a year.
Senior associates are generous with providing feedback and will often give very detailed and constructive feedback without you needing to seek it out, and are interested in our personal as well as professional development.
I think this really depends on the manager. I think it is impossible to make a generalisation because it is all down to the discretion/attitude of each individual.
Managers are very accessible as we are seated on the same floor, and sometimes next to our direct partners. We can easily ask questions by approaching them in their room or sending them an email. There are structured feedback sessions, but can also seek feedback on an informal basis after tasks.
HR are extremely across the staff/issues at KWM and are very accessible.
Very accessible and always open to talk and mentor you.
I'd say the senior associates make good mentors.
Managers are busy, but accessible when required.
Managers invest time in their employees and communicate frequently to provide informal and formal feedback.
Depends on the manager.