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Sustainability at King & Wood Mallesons

6.2 rating for Sustainability, based on 77 reviews
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We try, but we still use too much paper.
Graduate, Sydney
A little too much printing...
Graduate, Perth
One of the more interesting initiatives is the 'food bins' for compostable waste. The disposable cutlery and plates at the firm are also compostable.
Graduate, Melbourne
Like most law firms, almost everything ends up in a hard copy - even drafts which are swiftly thrown away. Would be nice to see a move toward paperless (or at less, paper-reduced).
Graduate, Perth
Pretty standard for a high profile law firm, with recycling initiatives.
Graduate, Canberra
This is not a matter that is raised frequently.
Graduate, Canberra
Transitioning into using less paper.
Graduate, Sydney
Attempting to reduce the use of paper (but partners still like to read on paper).
Graduate, Sydney
There is a push to recycle and not print as much, but this is tough to achieve in a law firm in general due to the ingrained nature of law practice.
Graduate, Sydney