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Working Hours at King & Wood Mallesons

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Generally my work hours are pretty good, however that is largely dependent on which team you are in and how busy the team is. When the team you are working in is busy, there is an expectation that you will work late to complete the tasks you have been given (especially if there is a tight deadline).
Hours fluctuate week-to-week. Some weeks involve 10pm (or later) finishes every night if a deadline is approaching. Other weeks, I may leave at 6pm every night.
Company is quite flexible, but the hours are long, it's just part of the industry.
Hours are fine, but can be a little unpredictable.
Very satisfied currently.
As flexible as a law firm at the top end of the market can be.
Agile working with portable devices is acceptable even at a graduate level.
Overall team members appear very receptive to people working from home, having other commitments etc.
Possible to work from home, which I like.
Firm has flexible work arrangements, but nature of the work and tight deadlines requires long hours frequently.
Very flexible in terms of if you need to change your hours for a particular reason, or work from home, they're happy to accommodate. When there is a lot of work on you need to do it, but if you're not very busy you can leave at 5.
I sometimes work long hours, but not always.
It varies. Either quiet or very busy. Fairly flexible when it comes to hours.
Working hours are 8:30am to 5pm with one hour lunch break (generally anytime between 12-2pm). Actual working hours for me is around 8:45am to 6:30pm, sometimes to around 8:30pm. When things are quiet I can leave around 5:15pm. I had a few super long days (work to around 10-11pm) but it is not often and your team usually are also there with you.
As a junior I expect to work in the office outside regular hours - I find that part of the challenge. At the same time, my company is agile and will permit you to work at home as needed.
Will depend on the team, but hours are generally flexible provided that deadlines are met - people are free to come in after 9, leave the office for exercise/errands and work from home (even juniors).
I put this as an absolute satisfaction rating, rather than a comparative one. Overall I think I have worked less hours than my friends in comparable roles at similar firms.
My team gives us a lot of flexibility in how we would like to approach our work. We can complete it at home and manage our own workload as long as we can complete it on time. My work hours for the past week has been 9am-6pm but I have left earlier and also later than that range when it suits me.
KWM is typical of top tier law firms. If there's work to do, you're expected to be at work.
The firm is reasonably flexible when it comes to hours, which is fantastic for a top tier firm.