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King & Wood Mallesons

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Office & Workplace at King & Wood Mallesons

8.8 rating for Workplace, based on 84 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
KWM has a great office. Given our location the view is fantastic and the facilities have been recently upgraded. The dress code is business attire and casual attire on Fridays.
Great central location - fantastic facilities because it was newly renovated in 2015. Dress is formal/corporate but casual on Friday.
Mostly open plan offices with quality kitchen, cafe, library and shower facilities.
Good facilities, lots of light.
Office is beautiful. Great physical space to work in. Open plan which is good and bad.
Could have better lighting and adjustable desks.
Great space, lots of light, half open space with opportunity to close offices, friendly environment, corporate dress with casual Fridays.
Open plan and formal.
Office layout is slightly peculiar but we do each get very spacious offices.
Nice office space with good facilities in a nice part of the city. Normal law firm dress code - formal / corporate and also casual Fridays.
Nice building, all open plan, modern design, great facility.
Great internal cafe and views. Business dress code.
The office looks really nice. It is all clean, sterile and modern. It has, for the most part, amazing views. Dress code is quite relaxed.
We have both open office spaces and offices. The dress code is corporate/business attire with casual Fridays in place.
The office itself is new and well maintained.
Fantastic location and office space, along with facilities. Dress code is loosely formal.
Open plan, makes learning and approaching people easy.
The space is professional and clean. The building is nice and in a convenient location. The dress code is professional attire but there is a fair bit of leniency (particularly if you are not meeting clients/going to court).
Great facilities - lots of meeting rooms, great kitchen area, a cafe on one of the floors! The dress code, although corporate, is flexible and we have casual Fridays.
The space is comfortable and adequate for our needs. The dress code is reasonably relaxed.