Diversity at KordaMentha

Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.

There is an even split between males and females in our office (perhaps slightly in favour of females).
Graduate, Brisbane
We simply hire the best person for the job, no matter the sex, age, race etc. Very flexible with family issues, sickness, children etc.
Entry level, Perth
KordaMentha hires the best candidates rather than sticking to a quota of male:female ratio etc. Despite this, we have a fairly even mix of males and females. The company is very flexible with maternity leave and parents can work flexible hours to assist with looking after children.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The firm has a maternity leave package/plan, women are just as common in the workplace as men and every person I have met feels the firm respects everyone equally.
Graduate, Townsville

What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?

Nothing as such, however they are not discriminated against. An interesting background and determination in achieving your goals will reflect positively, so less privileged backgrounds can even be a bonus!
Entry level, Perth