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Application Process & Interviews at KordaMentha

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Interview day (2 face to face interviews, 1 case study and networking session with graduates) then final interviews with partners.
Two short interviews with senior management and HR; group case study session and a lunch with our analysts.
Interview process was relaxed. Getting interviewed by a senior staff member and HR prior to do a short one-hour case study. Much less strenuous and time consuming than Big 4 firms which has countless tests. Final interview with the Partners.
1. Cover letter, resume and series of online questions 2. Interview via prerecorded questions that candidates respond to by video recording 3. Group interview (4 people complete a task on an insolvent company) 5. Two individual interviews with directors 6. Individual interview with a partner 7. Coffee with staff
Online assessment followed by a series of interview (both online and in person)
Initial face to face interview, coffee with junior staff members and followed by a final face to face interview and coffee with junior staff members.
Application Assessment center - this is where a group work together to solve a case study. At assessment center you are being evaluated on working in a team and general accounting knowledge. One on one interviews with Directors/Managers Partner Interviews
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
How did I find out about KordaMentha? What personal interests/hobbies do I have? Demonstrate how you have shown empathy in the past?
Behavioral based questions and general questions about my interests and reasons for working at KordaMentha.
Behavioral based, quite easy. Nothing out of the ordinary.
What do I think I could offer to the firm? Whether I would be willing to travel at short notice.
Questions relating to past work experience, which groups or extracurricular activities you participated in, university studies and activities outside of work. To relate experience in these areas back to experience the firm is looking for.
What do you know about the company What are difficult situations that you have encountered and overcome in your personal life and professional life
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Learn about insolvency to decide if It is something you want to do, if so prepare a good answer as to why.
Know the company, know the industry, know the different types of appointments there are and we aware of the media coverage which KordaMentha has received. Show that you can be commercial and able to be put in front of a client.
The loudest person is not necessarily the most suitable person for our firm. It is important to show empathy, team work and communication skills.
practice communication skills and think of interesting stories to tell involving previous jobs, teamwork, sports, volunteer work etc.
You must be confident and empathetic as we deal with anything from angry unsecured creditors to aggrieved employees who have been made redundant. You need to be a great communicator and love working in teams.
Tailor your cover letter and CV to the company; read the website and few publication (depending on which team you're applying for) and just make sure you're prepared and know how to answer behavioral based questions.
Be honest, do your homework and understand why you want to work for the firm.
As clich� as it sounds, be yourself. The assessors main aim is to determine if you will fit into the team. As most of the candidates have achieved the desired GPA/degree it is rarely a competition to prove how smart you are. If you aren't yourself, you may find in the future months that you don't fit into the team and will want to leave.