Training & Personal Development at KordaMentha

Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.

You are assigned a buddy and undertake a CPA and CA Course
Graduate, Perth
There is graduate camp (1 week) at the start of the grad program, where you are flown to Melbourne or Sydney and partake in training and social activities; KM Business School is similar to grad camp and occurs every 1-2 years - it's a lot of fun. We are also sent to excel courses and various other lunchtime seminars.
Graduate, Sydney
The Grad week was an inclusive package which gave us a in depth overview of what we will experience in the industry.
Graduate, Brisbane
Training from various legal firms every couple of weeks, annual firm wide training at different levels. CA program paid for and encouraged. ARITA training encouraged and paid for.
Entry level, Perth
We have 'KM Business School' which we attend each year to learn new skills required for our level. We also complete the CPA insolvency course, CA and ARITA insolvency course.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Many training opportunities, both in-house and through outside service. The usual CA is supported and other qualifications may also be supported depending on individual circumstances and relevance to work.
Entry level, Sydney
KM business school offers a range of training to various team members. I haven't had a chance to attend any yet. I have been to a two-day insolvency skills course and an intermediate excel skills course.
Entry level, Townsville
The firm offers training courses each year at the business school and they cover a variety of topics. I have attended Excel training and the ARITA introductory to insolvency course, completed the CPA insolvency modules and started my CA in the first year of my employment.
Graduate, Townsville