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Christopher Atkins

6.00 AM

I switch off my alarm and immediately make my bed. I read recently that if you do this each morning, it will set you up for daily success. Over breakfast I’ll quickly check for any email updates and scroll through the news.

8.00 AM

I begin the quick walk to work while listening to a podcast and doing my best to keep warm. Canberra winters have started to hit and the below zero mornings can be quite a shock. Today I’ll be working in the office. Normally I’ll split my time between here and the client site depending on engagement requirements.

8.15 AM

I arrive at work and head to my pre-booked desk which provides a view of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin. I head down to my local coffee spot where I bump into a partner from the OA team. We discuss how my engagement is going, and importantly the upcoming weekend of footy, then it’s back to my desk to start the busy day.

8.30 AM

I check my diary and calendar to plan out my day ahead, writing a quick “to-do” list. I find this to be the best way to prioritise my time. I check my emails for any updates on my current engagement or within the firm. Looks like there’s an Operations Advisory team event at the National Gallery of Australia next week, something to look forward to.

9.00 AM

I prepare my notes for my discussion points in preparation for my 9:15 daily engagement meeting.

9.15 AM

I dial into the daily engagement team meeting via teams in one of the meeting rooms. I’m working on a technology implementation project, providing project management office support with a mix of different team members across KPMG service lines. During the meeting, my engagement manager will discuss any new advancements from the project management office team that may impact our work. Today it seems a government announcement has changed some of the engagement requirements, and changes need to be made. She’ll check in to see what our high priority items are for the day, if there are any issues and whether we require support. We close out the meeting with a bit of friendly joking to set the mood for the day ahead.


9.30 AM

As I leave the room I bump into a college from another team and we have a quick chat. We have a great culture within the Canberra office (and KPMG more broadly) and connection with co-workers is encouraged to support networking and an overall supportive and safe environment.

9.45 AM

Now the work begins. I’m developing a workforce plan to ensure the client has the required workforce assets to successfully implement the technology implementation project. We are in the process of finalising a document that identifies and assesses the training needs for all staff impacted by the new technology implementation. It’s a large excel model which outlines the skilled set needs relative to costs for project implementation. I’ve just sent out a draft copy to the engagement lead for it to be validated before I can present this to the client.


11.30 AM

I tune into a call with the KPMG proposal team I’m currently assigned to. This is an internal team which focuses on discussing and developing proposals for potential engagements across a range of different industries. The lead partner provides a performance update and discuses some new exciting opportunities. I’m assigned the responsibility of researching suitable personnel to join a project KPMG is currently tendering for.

12.30 PM

Time for lunch. I head to the upper level to join the graduates in the break area. Most of us are quite busy at the moment on engagements, so this is the perfect opportunity to relax and have a quick mental break. If I’m quite busy I’ll eat lunch at my desk.

1.00 PM

Returning to my desk, I review the latest emails in my inbox. The engagement lead has replied with some comments on my draft workforce plan for changes that need to be made. I book in some time with him to review later this in the afternoon.


1.30 PM

I’ve received an email from a client, who has some questions about the workforce plan. She would like me to add some further skillsets and personnel to the model. I quickly phone her to discuss this to confirm any further details or enquires she may have.  

I send an email to my manager to inform her of the update, and that this will not delay the submission date.

3.00 PM

I meet the engagement lead in one the of the meeting rooms. Using the presentation screen, I go through the model in detail, outlining my findings, as well as areas where I’m missing information and will require his sources to obtain it. We make a few adjustments for presentation purposes, and he provides me with the sources to obtain the required information.

3.30 PM

I catch up with my Performance Development Manager over coffee in the break area. We discuss my progress against the goals I set a few months earlier. We discuss some recent feedback from a previous engagement and discuss my current well-being. One of the great things about being a grad at KPMG is your always in a position to feel supported in your career development and overall well-being.

4.00 PM

I call my engagement manager to discuss what has been covered with the engagement lead and the progress on the workforce plan model. She asks me to book in a meeting with the client on client site for the following week, and to prepare a power point presentation of my findings. We discuss the format in which this is to be prepared to meet the client expectations. We book a time in two days’ time to go over a draft of this presentation.

5.00 PM

I check to ensure I have completed all the items on the to do list and note down any items I need to complete tomorrow. I do a final check of my emails to ensure I haven’t missed anything from my engagement team or the client.

5.30 PM

I put on my headphones to continue the podcast and begin the walk home.

6.00 PM

Head to the gym for a workout. Its leg focused tonight, going to be sore tomorrow.

8.00 PM

I cook up a feast in the kitchen to curve my post workout hunger with a history documentary playing in the background.

If it’s a Friday, I’ll join a few colleges for some well-earned end of week drinks at our favourite Canberra bar.

10.00 PM

I’ll prepare my lunch and attire for tomorrow, pack a bag for the gym, and then into bed with a book. I’m currently reading “Why We Sleep”, may have to recommend this to a few colleagues.

10.30 PM

Lights out, need those 7-8 hours for the big day ahead tomorrow.