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Nina Nguyen

6.25 AM

I wake up to the sound of my alarm at 6:25 AM, knowing that I will hit the snooze button about 7 times until I get out of bed at the latest 7:30 AM.

7.30 AM

I freshen up, turn on my work laptop (sometimes it takes an eternity to start up) and make myself breakfast.  

8.15 AM

I log into my laptop, check my emails and messages and prepare my tasks for the day. These mainly relate to any updates on the project we need to know about, emails from the client on any items of work done that need to be reviewed/looked at, and where to find the latest file that contains the work that needs to be completed. I also try to get a head start on the day by starting my work once I have checked my emails and messages.


8.45 AM

Morning huddle with the team. Our team lead informs us on the stats from the previous day, any issues that have been raised within the project and any changes we need to know about. These meetings are often brief and quick, unless there is an issue that needs to be raised.  

9.00 AM

Continue with the assigned work I have for the day. We often have people shuffling between roles on the project, so I also help those who have moved into my team with any questions they have. They will often ask me questions throughout the day so I will always jump on a call with them to help them out.  

12.15 PM

Update the project tracker with what I have completed so far.

12.30 PM

Time for lunch! I normally eat whatever I have in the kitchen – I try to keep it quick and easy to make.

1.00 PM

We have weekly training sessions for the project team to address any areas of concerns and difficulties we face. These training sessions are very informative and help us stay aligned with what the processes are.

1.30 PM

Continue with the assigned work I have for the day. With any questions that come my way, I will jump on a call with that person to help them out.

5.00 PM

Update the project tracker with what I have completed for the day. Once I have updated this, I double check if there any pending action items I have left for the day before logging off.  

5.45 PM

I head straight to the gym! This helps me de-stress and relax after a day of work.

8.00 PM

After dinner I would generally jump onto Netflix to watch a movie or a TV series. I love re-watching shows I have already watched, or binge new shows that have recently come out.

10.30 PM

Time for bed.