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Kyle McLean

If you’re considering a career with KPMG, you can expect a work environment that is flexible, dynamic and energetic.

My background

I grew up in the outer-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and had a typical suburban upbringing. After completing high school, I attended Monash University where I completed a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) in the field of Mechanical Engineering. For most of my time at university, I would work as a personal trainer in the morning, where I managed an Anytime Fitness franchise during the day, and relegated study to the evening. In my penultimate year of university, I interned with the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia and gained valuable exposure to the world of motorsport before moving into an undergraduate position as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry. I worked as a mechanical engineer for several years and specialised in heavy vehicle sub-system design, assessment and overall certification.

I am currently on the committee for Young Engineers Australia (a division of Engineers Australia) and have a passion for supporting the development of early career engineers, providing networking opportunities and promoting the recognition of the contributions Australian engineers are making domestically and abroad.

I chose to apply to the Engineering & Asset Management service line following a discussion with a consultant in the team. The large-scale projects, alignment with my existing skill set and opportunity to gain exposure to the numerous capabilities within the service line were the key drivers of my decision to apply to Engineering & Asset Management. I did not consider another service line - Engineering & Asset Management was the right fit for me.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process was seamless and at no point did I feel as if I had been left in the dark. I applied through the KPMG website where I had to provide a CV, an academic transcript and complete a simple online form. Shortly after I was invited to complete an online assessment - which sounds drearier than it is in practice. The activity is quite interesting, especially if you’re the kind of person who like puzzles and brainteasers. Following the online assessment came a video interview where I was asked several questions that were orientated around the KPMG values. The KPMG Launchpad was the final step in the process and was a well-run day that included a group case study and a final interview with senior members of the Engineering & Asset Management service line.

My work

If you’re considering a career with KPMG (and why wouldn’t you?) you can expect a work environment that is flexible, dynamic and energetic. KPMG has navigated the challenges presented by COVID-19 well with existing collaboration tools, dedicated work laptops and a robust internal support network. The ability to work flexibly from home, the office and on-location with the client (known as the ‘3 hubs’) is fantastic and allows you to tailor work arrangements to drive efficiency and maximise value for our clients.

A typical workday will start as the sun rises with a morning run (that is often tainted with the guilt of eating poorly the night before). Depending on the requirements of the day I will then either prepare to head into the KPMG Canberra office or make my way to the home-office while diligently sipping on coffee number 1 and addressing any emails that have appeared in the inbox. In a Management Consultancy role, the remainder of the day will be filled with developing deliverables, business development activities, meetings and enough coffee and snacks to make the day possible.

The highlight of my career so far has been the opportunity to provide strategic asset management services to the Australian Army and contribute to the development and sustainment of some of the most strategically significant infrastructure in Australia.

There are many opportunities to develop both personally and professionally at KPMG in both a formal learning context and ‘on the job’. KPMG provides consultants with significant responsibility that is underpinned by ample support and guidance that facilitates rapid growth in any given speciality and business acumen.  

A word to the wise

Three pieces of advice I would give to a current university student are:

Have as many conversations as you can, seek meaningful connections with the people that inspire you and actively pursue opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally.