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Office & Workplace at KPMG Australia

8 rating for Workplace, based on 35 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Modern office in fairly recent building. Large breakout rooms, located conveniently in CBD. Dress code not too strict - no jacket/tie requirement
Was pretty average to begin, but with the refurb it is excellent. The move the agile working seems to really work so far. Dress code is business corporate Monday - Thursday. Fridays are casual, however I do not dress down too drastically in case of a last minute client meeting.
The office is pristine and beautiful and is overwhelmed with amenities. The dress code is business casual. Different clients require different dress codes and therefore we often dress up or down between business casual and business formal.
Everyone dresses particularly well. The office space has just been renovated and looks cutting edge. The new system of an agile workspace has seemed to really work.
The new offices which have just been refurbished are incredible. Truly first class and most likely some of the best offices in Adelaide. Dress code is strictly business dress when out at clients or meetings but on Friday's in the office there is casual Fridays which is closer to smart casual than business dress.
- On the terrace - good location, quite central to the city - casual Friday's. - smart dressing code
It is a very nice office, not quite as good as some similar companies, but no complaints. The dress code is quite strict, but necessary
Open and spacious office with beautiful views of the swan river with lots of natural light. Location is at the west end of the CBD.
Very modern and open. Dress code business casual/casual Fridays- more of a modern office vibe and not as stuffy as formal business attire.
A bit dated and lacking colour, but digital work space and open work plan in line with new companies. Dress code is quite formal.