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Culture at KPMG

8.2 rating for Culture, based on 38 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Reasonable hours, work in teams on a daily basis with supportive colleagues. Good level of socialising amongst colleagues of all levels. However, little interaction between partners and lower level employees
All team members work collaboratively regardless of level of seniority, can be the expectation of working late to meet deadlines. Always lots of social events happening: Friday night drinks, corporate citizenship activities, very active social club.
Due to the small size of the team (around 10 all up) we are all quite close. All other employees are always friendly and up for a chat around the coffee machine. Good to see that outside of work, everyone can shut off and socialise without worrying about work.
The culture at my company is really good. The atmosphere in the office is very friendly and everyone says hello when you walk past. We have drinks most Fridays where often managers and even directors attend. The structure of the workplace is very flat in that you can walk into a partner's office anytime.
There's a fantastic work culture and higher-ups still communicate with recent graduates and are involved in after work drinks etc. The other grads that started with me have become good friends and there's plenty of socialising amongst colleagues in other divisions.
Everybody gets along well. We go out for lunches and drinks after work quite regularly
It is a friendly place to work with people that are willing to help you. After hours, there is plenty of opportunity to build relationships with colleagues beyond the workplace with regular staff functions and a number of people willing to do organise activities outside of the company.
Most people are very approachable and friendly, even partners and senior managers. Everyone seems to work together to get things done, no matter what level in the hierarchy there are.
Standard Big4 structure (partner, director, senior manager, manager, senior consultant and consultant). Culture is inclusive and encouraging. Along with the excellent work culture social and community activities are regularly organised to encourage socialising amongst colleagues.
People get along very well and are very happy to socialise at work/after work functions. Could be more interaction between teams within divisions though.
Structure: Partner, Director, Senior Managers, Managers, Senior Consultant, Consultant Great cooperation and opportunity to work with people at all levels, incredibly supportive team that is understanding and takes note of work load, wonderful group of people to hang out socially outside of work as well as in work.
In the office, quite little talking people generally focus only on their work as there is a lot to do. Outside, really good.
Culture in our team is supportive and realistic about deadlines and working demands. We have a very understanding director who is ambitious but also encourages us to maintain work-life balance and sets the example from the top of the hierarchy. The teams in the firm are encouraged to be agile and work together on projects and collaborate where possible. I find this broadens our skills sets collectively and exposes us to a variety of work across the firm. There is a great social aspect of working at KPMG - people are sociable and willing to share their interests and passions outside of work. There are small things which could be improved on such as seniors setting the example by not taking lunch at their desk every day or working extremely late if its not completely necessary.