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Isaac Rameka

5:00 AM - Wakeup

When I say 5:00 am I really mean my alarm goes off at 5:00 am and I wrestle with myself to force myself up and out of bed. It’s about a 1 ½ - 2 hour trip for me into the office so I am fortunate that there are days I am working from home, but today I have a few meetings so am heading into the office. I spend about 30 minutes waking up, reading, checking my to-do list for the day, and gathering all my things.

6:00 AM - Gym

I make my way down to the gym which is about a 25-minute drive from my house. I work out, with as much intensity as I can muster at that time of the morning, for about an hour and then showered up at the gym and drive over to the bus stop where I park my car for the day.

8:30 – 9:00 AM - Work


I arrive at work roughly around this time and make my way over to my desk, making a few stops to say hello to my colleagues on the way. I plug my laptop into my workstation, give a round of good mornings to my team and get started on checking my emails and my calendar events for the day to make sure I am prepared for any meetings I might have that day.

10:00 AM - Content Creation

Coffee time

By now I have made a start on my internal communications content tasks for the day including different newsletters, websites, and video content for our upcoming kickoff event. I flick through draft copies of the content to my manager before taking a quick 10-minute hot chocolate break with some of my mates in the office. Some days we might have a game on the foosball table in the kitchen, but I have a hybrid working meeting that I have been invited to at 12pm so had to pass this time.

1:00 PM - Lunch


I’m ready to eat! I didn’t make enough dinner last night for leftovers for lunch, so myself and a few others from the office head down to Poke Poke which is the BEST Japanese/Hawaiian fusion place that just happens to be right across the street from the office. They make the nicest Poke bowls I’ve ever had.

1:30 PM - Project
I am back at my desk, usually with another hot choccy in hand, making a start on analysing data for my graduate project. I have managed to gain access to several data reports and am using excel to look at the data and find potential trends. I make a few PowerPoint decks to store useful graphics/graphs and create short presentations to share the findings with my manager and team.

3:00 PM - Weekly meeting

My manager and I have a meeting on Teams to talk about how things are going both at work and outside. We review the past week and discuss what I have been working on and what I’ve managed to achieve. I typically share any interesting findings that I have had throughout the past week and anything that I may need support with. We then set goals and timelines for the coming week and discuss upcoming events/tasks. My manager provides suggestions as to what should be prioritized and then it’s back to work.

3:30 PM - Meeting

Today I have a meeting with an external business with regards to a virtual experience project I have been working on. With technology being kind to me, I managed to log in to the zoom call and pitched the project to the team. I received some useful feedback and discussed any necessary additions that need to be made to make the virtual experience as interactive as possible.

4:00 PM - Focus


This part of the day is a great time for me to just focus in on getting some of my to-do-list tasks ticked off. I usually chuck my air pods in and listen to some lo-fi music to just zone out and smash out some work until the end of the day. At 5:00pm I start logging off. Send my last emails out and make my way to the bus.

6:30 PM - Home

I’ve made it home! First thing I usually do is get changed into a hoodie and sweatpants and collapse onto my bed but tonight I have a basketball game for a league I play in so instead I quickly change into uniform and head back out for my 7:30pm game

8:30 PM - Dinner

We won our game and I have made it home. It’s been a long day and I am absolutely starving! I have a quick shower and lucky enough for me, my awesome wife has made us dinner, so we chuck on some Brooklyn 99 while we eat.

9:30 PM - Relax

I usually spend this time either watching a movie with my wife, playing some video games with mates online all while checking on the stock/crypto market. Before I head to bed I get my work clothes and things together for tomorrow and check my calendar and to-do-list to make sure I haven’t forgotten any tasks that were supposed to be done by a certain time.

11:00 PM - Sleep

After winding down I finally head to bed. I lay there for an hour resisting the urge to scroll through social media or check out the latest crypto coins but eventually give in. Another long but good day. Rinse and repeat.