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Kelly Winger

6:30 AM

My alarm goes off with a solid tune of ‘You and I’ by Galantis. I struggle over to the coffee machine and attempt to wake up for the day ahead (I allow at least 30mins to wake up properly and to function). As I sip coffee and watch the morning news, I read emails that have come through from the US and Indian teams overnight regarding the web redevelopment third deployment. 

Kraft Heinz Company: Kelly Winger- walking to work

8.00 AM

As I log in to my laptop at work, I bring out my to-do list which has grown to about 2 pages thus far. I check my calendar for all my meetings today, looks like it’s a full-on day with back-to-back meetings from 8.30-5.30pm. I mentally note the times I can quickly duck out for that second or third coffee, a busy day like this needs constant caffeine fixes!

8.30 AM

My first meeting of the day is the weekly meeting with senior directors of the marketing team and the head of marketing to discuss our plans, progress, and important key dates. As I am a one-man-band, I attend these meetings to represent the media, activation and PR part of the marketing team and to provide updates on the key projects I am working on. 

9.30 AM

I sit down in my second meeting of the day. I am quickly typing up a report of consumer enquiries through our website and social media platforms before it starts. I need to vet enquiries and report on tone, frequency, behaviours and potential red alerts to the commercial president and head of marketing each week. This second meeting is with Head of IT for Australia, New Zealand and Japan. I need to discuss our website infrastructure as I am in the final stages of deploying website redevelopments. I reveal the timelines and current issues, and we discuss the next steps to ensure a smooth deployment. On top of this, we also start to discuss long-term plans and where our business’s online presence is heading. To finish, we agree on a time next week to catch up again on website deployment progress.

Kraft Heinz Company: Kelly Winger - sit down for a meeting

10.00 AM

I get to my next meeting slightly early. I am presenting our current digital landscape and the update on where our redevelopments are to members of the executive leadership team. There are a lot of questions regarding our current digital space. A lot of work has to be done going forward and I present exciting plans on where I see ourselves playing in the future digital spaces. I have been asked to put together a digital analysis of online performance and present it back shortly. Unfortunately, 30mins wasn’t enough time to get through everything and I will need to schedule a second meeting to finish the most exciting parts of our 2018 plan.

10.30 AM

I rush to my next meeting holding a fresh coffee. This meeting is a phone call meeting with one of the brand teams and our activation agency. Activation involves any in-store point of sale materials (towers, shelf strips, wobblers) and out-of-store experiential components. We have campaigns coming up where we need to organise the in-store materials in regards to production and delivery times. I need to ensure these materials are produced on time and delivered on time to the correct locations and stores. I learn we have major delays and hold ups with artwork approvals and productions times… great. We discuss next steps to ensure we hit our deadlines as the first round of deadlines have already been missed. I also need to communicate these dates and plans back to the state managers of our field sales team so they know when to start activating in store. I begin drafting up an email with key dates and item codes towards the end of the meeting. 

Kraft Heinz Company: Kelly Winger - rush meeting holding a coffee

11.30 AM

I am on my way to an external meeting with my digital agency regarding our website developments and 2018 plans. I’m running late...and of course there is traffic build up on Swan St bridge… Classic Melbourne. When I arrive a little flustered, the agency’s dog is first to greet and des-stress me. I sit down in their meeting room and we discuss the progress with the redevelopments of the websites. I get brought another coffee thank goodness as today seems to be struggle. We have hit a major crisis in the deployment process with our infrastructure again and essentially we need a new deployment strategy. I will need to schedule a screen share with our US and India teams to work through these issues. Our 2018 plans are looking promising though and the digital strategy pieces are slowly pulling together. Costing and budgeting come in to play and I ask for estimates on the work to be done for my forecasting. 

1.00 PM

I’m back in the office and grab my salad on the way to my next appointment. We have a research debrief presentation which will impact the digital and activation strategy for the next year across some of our brands. It’s always interesting to learn what consumers are looking for. I take down notes regarding key potential red flags. I also list down the ideas I have so I don’t forget them straight away. 

2.00 PM

We have the marketing director of a food festival come in to talk about potential opportunities for 2018. I invite the relevant brand teams to roadmap with them directions and potential ways our brands can play. In this meeting, I note down the logistical information and key dates. I also quickly respond to some critical digital update emails in this discussion as the brand team and the food festival representatives go through questions. Positive news is we have managed to find a solution to our website crisis and I  book in some time later today for a phone call with the agency to go through the details and associated costs.

Kraft Heinz Company: Kelly Winger - at office work

3.00 PM

My next meeting is with the social club. I have ideas for our next internal event and need to get thoughts and opinions about how to get this up and running. We discuss the next event and what needs to happen before we get there. Lots of organising to do so we delegate and split responsibilities. I add these tasks to my to do list. In the meantime, I am quickly typing some emails back to our activation agency. I see I have missed a few calls from them regarding our production problems. 

Kraft Heinz Company: Kellly Winger - next meeting

4.00 PM

The entire marketing department is invited to an external meeting at our media agency to discuss trends in the digital space and how we will need to start thinking about our activities next year. They serve wine and cheese, always a plus! We learn heaps about how the media landscape is changing and what we can expect in the future.

5.30 PM

I head back to the office to get back onto my emails and sort through our social media calendar for our upcoming campaigns. I also need to start on some administration work with budgeting and tracking spend. There are few replies regarding those consumer enquiries that came through during the day which I draft into responses for our social media team so they can respond to consumers. 

Kraft Heinz Company: Kelly Winger - onto emails and campaigns

7.00 PM

I pack my laptop up as I need to jump back on later tonight for building up the activation strategy for 2018. I need to present these plans in the next coming days and build it into forecasts. I also need to amend the slides for my second digital presentation to the executive leadership team. I head out and think about what gym routine I want to do tonight (at the same time questioning whether I want to go at all!). On the train home is the first time I get to check social media myself, memes are always a good way to finish a busy day!

Kraft Heinz Company: Kelly Winger - holding presentation

7.30 PM

I eat dinner with the Bachelor running in the background (such trashy but addictive TV!). I also jump back online and make a start on my digital presentation amends. There is a bit to put together and I need to work on it whilst the feedback and mental notes are still fresh. 

9.00 PM

I’m in the gym, begrudgingly. It is also a good way to take my mind off strategies and work for a bit and to pump out good tunes. 

11.00 PM

I’m showered and in bed fleshing out the start of our 2018 strategies, and putting together indicative costings. It’s always a struggle looking over excel spreadsheets at this time of night but it has to be done… 

11.45 PM

As I am preparing to sleep, I take a quick scroll through Adweek and Adage to get the latest on advertising and marketing before checking out for the day.