Updating Results


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Laura Perrin

7.20 AM

Wake up and begin the getting ready process. I drink my coffee as I do my makeup for that extra five minutes sleep.

7.55 AM

I aim to leave between 7.50 - 8.00 AM every day for an early start at work and luckily, it is only a short stroll to the office from my apartment. I always check I have my work ID pass before I leave as well.

8.00 AM

Most of my team starts around this time but the option to work different hours and start later is there. There’s always a few that beat me in so I say good morning and sit down at my desk to read my emails and knock off any quick actions. We’re in the middle of a bid response so our bid team is all co-located in our Proposal Development Centre.

8.25 AM

We have a weekly Business Development meeting that starts at 0830 sharp and it’s one where if you’re on time – you’re late. This meeting is a great way to stay connected for our larger team and details who’s working on what opportunities, how they are progressing and other events/things to be aware of throughout the organisation.

Leidos Graduate Laura Perrin meeting

9.30 AM

We have our daily stand up meeting for our bid team. In this, we discuss our progress on authoring, identify any issues or blockers, and provide a general update on our areas if there have been any changes. I give our proposal manager an anticipated completion date for my document and give some of the other team members a heads up about the inputs I need from them.

10.00 AM

I grab a quick coffee (I’m an instant sachet kind of person) and prepare for my next meeting by reviewing and prioritising the comments that I want to address with my Reviewers.  

10.30 AM

My next meeting is with colleagues who have reviewed my draft document for our response. It gives me the chance to make sure I understand their feedback and can clarify any misinterpretations and adjust so that they don’t happen again. At the end of the meeting, I have a plan for how to close out all of the comments and I get confirmation from the Reviewers that this will address all of their feedback.

11.00 AM

I’ve got conflicting meetings so I get my boss’ approval to miss our team meeting and attend a planning session for an upcoming conference. For me, this meeting is to stay across our preparations for the conference and I escape with no actions. 

12.00 PM

As we’re in the middle of a bid there’s food in our work kitchen so I make a quick toastie and eat at my desk. I pop my headphones in and settle in for an afternoon of updating my document. With a morning full of meetings it’s good to get time just to write. When there’s lots of work to be done I find it easy enough to power through for a good few hours without a break so I make a lot of progress before the day is out.

16.00 PM

More often than not, there is a group heading to the pub for a drink on a Friday afternoon but I have a friend visiting for the weekend so I say bye and focus on showing my friend everything Canberra has to offer.