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Job Satisfaction at Leidos

7.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 21 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Reading/responding to emails. Liaising with security, the team and sometimes the customer to help sustain/extend the current environment. Mostly writing or reviewing documentation about designs. Daily 'agile' meetings. Effectively being an admin for various software applications, managing users and dealing with issues.
My responsibilities include creating and maintaining engineering drawings, assisting product leads in research and coordinating with suppliers for product delivery.
I am part of a small team developing a new system for a customer. Typical days involve working on either analysis or development of new tickets, or reviewing others work before it gets accepted.
Design, development, troubleshooting, and debugging of software programs for software enhancements and new software-intensive systems and products. Duties include software requirements analysis, development of software products and software tools used for design, development and maintenance of infrastructure, and platforms. Determines hardware compatibility. Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function. Work to achieve day-to-day objectives with moderate impact on the area/ project team. Work independently on larger, moderately complex projects/assignments. May assist other technical staff with tasks and assignments.
Software Engineer. Developing and improving on software solutions. Maintaining internal research and development network. Collaborating with external business partners on a combined solution.
Product support and client liaison Product development and feature enhancement
Liaising with a team interstate and management in house, the role of Software Asset and Management Configuration (SACM) Developer involves the modelling and licensing of software assets attained via discovery in all of the systems within Defence. Having a complete and cataloged database ensures that software contracts are renewed in time for use and protects application-critical systems to allow business as usual.
my responsibilities are software development (full life cycle).
My day-to-day responsibilities have been slowly changing over the 6 months I have worked here, but they are constant improving, and going towards the direction I want to be in, which is very good. On the 1-to-10 scale, I would say I started at a 4, am currently at a 6, and expect to be at an 8 in the next few months.
I am currently working as a tester, testing IT systems and raising any defects I find for the developers to fix. My role is important and not too difficult, but it can be a little mundane at times.
Software development.
I am satisfied with my work when my assigned project, tasks, duties more closely align to my position/role as well as the technical areas that I specialise in.
Various roles, many responsibilities.
Participating in daily stand up and extending the current code base using a variety of different programming languages.
My day-to-day responsibilities include reviewing documents, writing reports and writing engineering documents, like system specifications.
Writing configuration code to get a network up and running for the customer.