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Salary at Leidos

8.5 rating for Salary, based on 20 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
The salary is pretty good considering I am a graduate who is learning.
Starting salary is very decent but a bit below average for the industry. There are no bonuses but there are yearly performance reviews where the top employees receive raises.
The pay at this company is much higher for a graduate position than all other companies I had seen. The bonus of having RDO's is great!
Great graduate salary, recently revamped their remuneration and have been updating to match industry standard which is great. Still a little shoehorned based on years of experience rather than skillset.
For a starting graduate with no experience, I am very happy in my position.
It is okay. I would make more working in an engineering firm, but they are flexible here and they are doing interesting work so I am okay with it.
Pay is high and rewarding especially regarding the work/life balance
Salary is very good, especially for a graduate software engineering role.
less than the average
The pay seems good considering that I am an intern
Competitive pay for graduates. No bonuses that I know of. You get 1 RDO a month.
Competitive starting salary.
Above average compared to various other organisations.
Could always be more, but I'd be happy to earn less to keep the work life balance offered by this company
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
Free lunches when we have meetings running over the lunch hours
Every second Thursday a nice morning tea is provided for the office where we can chat with other teams socially while eating, and doesn't come out of our lunch allowance. Company pays for a lot of expenses where possible and will help pay for training where applicable to the project and skills required.
Not really sure, the location is a pretty nice perk though, least for my worksite.
Day off system is very good and makes you feel rewarded
Commuter club for 10% discount on Myki cards.
frequent events with refreshments .
Interstate travel for training and work. One RDO a month.
Self awards nights to attend. Free catered morning tea every Thursday.
RDO's. Work an extra 20 minutes per day and get an extra paid day off per month