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Training & Personal Development at Leidos

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
The company does look to try and make us grow and develop. Currently supplied materials for some Microsoft training, and there are several days throughout the year dedicated to "soft" skill training. We are encouraged to undertake learning opportunities.
I have been able to learn a product design system that I use to develop CAD models and drawings. We have also completed DISC training which is about understanding how everyone's personality differs and affects your interaction with them.
When starting out I was given a 4 day training in the company product which was very helpful and necessary for the work I was going to be doing.
I have had some formal training in the Agile Development process.
They are open to any ongoing training you recommend if it suits the current project. I have undertaken a red hat certification for system administration.
Full training is yet to be complete for the calendar year, however from the training that has passed it has provided some general benefit with regards to how we can be better equipped with all facets of work.
There has been a lot if internal training, some useful, more often for internal compliance, which can be dull, but is required given the nature of the job. External training has been excellent, very useful for the sector the company is positioned in.
As part of the graduate program, we a few Professional Development days/sessions throughout the year to help develop our soft skills. As part of my role I have undertaken technical training including informal training from my team members, informal online training sessions for the applications we use, and I have been sent to official training in the city for VMware products.
Leidos offers good opportunities for training, such as a free Scrum Master Certification.
Leidos has basic training programmes including time-sheet training and product training if applicable.
Technical training opportunities are plentiful but finding time to do undertake them can be a challenge.
Various training courses and personal development have been provided including best problem solving practises and project management.
The training courses that the company has provided has been useful,