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Career Prospects at Lendlease

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Mostly dependant on the successful delivery of a project or aspect
A lot of people have been with the company for many years and you can see the progression of people before from entry level to ceo level.
As a grad, they have made it difficult to progress to site engineer. I have worked with graduates who are more than ready for a promotion and are held back by the grad program. In my experience, I have felt trapped by the Lendlease graduate program.
Graduate to site engineering is based on your ability to complete CERs and is not based on engineering competency. Therefore proving difficult to move from a graduate to a site engineer
Uncertain as yet but being smaller and not as aggressive when compared to for example Big 4, I think you really have to be really good in your accounting or finance role to be considered for a management role. Again, not quite sure.
Depends how much work they have on essentially. So at the moment it's not so good but a few people are getting moved up.
I am unsure how easy it is to move up the ranks but I have already been positioned as a site engineer for a particular project, which I was not due to do until I completed my 2 year graduate program. The opportunities for growth and improvement are definitely there.
Depends on the managers you work with, quality of work and contacts within the business. If you are proactive and open with discussing your goals and aspirations with the right person, it is very possible to move up the ranks.
Work hard, prove yourself, working for a manager who is willing to veto for you.
This really depends where you are in the business. Site is really easy to move up - there are delineated paths of travel for this. In the office, the paths are still there but as yet it is unclear of the time taken to achieve these.
There a lot of opportunities for promotion after my graduate program finishes in two years.
Many different fields available within the company, people are willing to get you where you want to go.
Unsure, it appears to be the standard approach of a few years in each role, however I believe you should move up when ready, not when you've 'put in enough time'. This would see younger people taking on roles such as project manager if they demonstrate the ability.
It is possible to move up after around 5 years in your entry level job. Hours get worse as you move up the ranks with very little flexibility available for on site jobs.
Big company with lots of opportunities in your own business unit, in other areas, even across the world!
Too difficult to tell 18 months in - but most site engineers get promoted after 2-3 years.
To move up the ranks I need to finish my graduate program. The graduate program is very time consuming.
Growth in human capital is valued highly in company. Progression is visible and actively discussed at regular intervals.
It appears that the process of promotion is a very long one.
Good promotion possibilities. Requires hard work and a good understanding of the work however this is achievable.