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Diversity at Lendlease

8.4 rating for Diversity, based on 52 reviews
Please provide further information on diversity with respect to women, ethnic minorities and LGBT. Please comment on issues such as recruitment, retention, promotion, child care, maternity leave, etc.
There is constant promotion of the needs and benefits of diversity with respects to gender ethnic backgrounds and LGBT. The company runs multiple forums on these issues.
There is a big push to encourage and accept diversity in every aspect of the business and we are working hard to increase the diversity of the company in all aspects.
Initiatives towards women in engineering is prevalent
Diversity is promoted frequently via the company internal newsletter, and occasionally directly by senior management and CEOs (including group CEO).
The company overall has good ideas but still need to work on practicalities for women eg. around child care and working part time. Seem to be recruiting heavily for women amongst the graduates as they have much more of a balance than there was at my uni.
As a business unit we have looked at engaging and employing more indigenous people into roles.
The company instills diversity from a corporate level and it is impressive that the company is striving to make a change to a very masculine, male dominant industry. Only down fall is promoting one group of people without disadvantaging / not making another group feel comfortable. i.e. Acceptance of flexible working for mothers / fathers.
Lendlease is inclusive of all of the above. There is parental leave, flexible working hours, particularly for parents, quotas and targets to hire more women and indigenous Australians in particular. There is a program in place to ensure transitioning staff feel safe and included. Internal social media Yammer has many groups such as women and LGBT.
When I first interviewed for Lendlease, I was shocked by the shortage of women in the company. However, in the last 6 months with the company I have seen a massive recruitment of female graduate engineers. My team on site is very diverse with women, men with people from all different backgrounds.
World leader in diversity. Recently implemented smart casual dress code. Very big on flexibility and inclusiveness.
Diversity is a big thing at Lendlease and they are going above and beyond to achieve great diversity throughout the company.
Very dedicated to this topic, sometimes to the point of impact upon the actual working force (more competent employees missing promotions or employment opportunities so we can meet quotas in whatever aspect).
Good parental leave arrangements. Child care and flexibility in an onsite role is non-existent. Lose a lot of employees due to hard hours
A lot of information and celebration around diversity within the company
Of huge importance to them. One of our key training videos when I started working and during interview process.
The construction industry is dominated by white males between the age of 25-65. Lendlease hires more diversely than both, but remains behind most other industries.
Strong focus on diversity and Aboriginal participation.
In the scheme of the wider industry, great diversity in the company and in my immediate team.
We have a great policy on diversity. It's easily accessible on our website.
We have received training regarding cultural awareness. There is also more women being hired. Generally ethnic minorities are somewhat represented but they are still largely outweighed by the majority male white society. LGBT is not discussed often but it is accepted
What does your company do to attract applicants from less privileged backgrounds?
RAP program
There are specific programmes in place, in particular for those from indigenous backgrounds.
Initiatives aimed towards indigenous community
Not entirely sure of all that the company does, but it is involved with indigenous groups providing a combination of employment, training, and help with recruitment/securing a job.
I cannot recall this being discussed throughout my recruitment process, however understand the company runs different programs with universities and other external organisations with regards to this matter.
I am from a less privileged background, however I can't think of anything specific to this. The job advertisements are on their website, they attend career fairs. I was hired for my "keenness" for the job - I think the hiring system is fair in regards to this.
Lendlease is a supporter of Career Trackers which provides links for university students with Indigenous backgrounds to become interns within the company providing work experience and possible future employment.
It has a RAP in place to address this, as well as other programs or plans I'm sure.
Actively tenders with the communities needs at heart. Will set local or indigenous employee goals
Reconciliation Action Plan. Careertrackers Indigenous Internship Program. Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.