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Management at Lendlease

7.6 rating for Management, based on 51 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Managers have an informal policy of letting us know what they know
Everyone is approachable in the company and depending on the level of management, they get involved with day to day operations. Performance feedback is formalised within the company.
Ready to help when asked, but busy with their own workload
Very accessible but equally time poor. Very open to feedback and are honest and constructive.
Project managers have been great so far and they have a lot of interaction with their employees. Operations manager is also very good at getting to know the employees.
Good communication and support
Obviously some are incredible and some are not the best
Some managers are pretty awkward engineers, but overall they take feedback and development seriously and are approachable. Have had good mentorship.
Both my direct line manager and the Operations manager for our department are based in the same building as me and both have an open door policy. They are both very approachable and easy to speak with. Both have offered feedback on my work and will offer praise when our team has been performing well.
Dependent on manager and that particular office / project culture.
Hard to get someone to lead. Initially great, but heard from other graduates getting someone to sit and teach you above their ordinary duties can be difficult to impossible.
My line manager is less accessible than my day to day. My day to day is very helpful and will take time to explain things to me when asked. I've only just had a performance review so it's difficult to comment, but my day to day manager has given me good feedback often. Recognition is given by a points system which you can trade for items (perfume, cosmetics, homewares, debit cards, etc.)
My line manager is fantastic however I do look at the upper management within the team and do not feel that I would aspire to be like them or want them to be my mentor.
No mentoring
My managers are very busy but they always have time to answer my questions and explain things. I feel that I can talk to my manager if I have any problems at work and they will provide me with good advice. If I do something well, I get recognition. If something needs to be improved/changed, I get a good amount of feedback. My manager does make a good mentor.
Always willing to help. Very friendly and everyone has introduced themselves.
In my experience, managers are very willing to mentor and give feedback, however they are hamstrung by the company processes in terms of how much help they can offer.
At project level the interaction with my specific manager is fantastic
Direct line manager is always in contact, working with you constantly with great support. Upper management doesn't often come in contact as they work in different offices.
Very accessible and willing to help.