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Application Process & Interviews at Lendlease

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
In order to be hired as a graduate I had an assessment centre. This involved group activities, group interviews and an individual interview.
Online application, phone interview, and a half-day assessment centre plus interview.
The interview process consisted of one full day at the Sydney office. There were seven of us on the day. We partook in a group task where members of Lendlease watched our interaction and input during the exercise. We then had some speeches from Lendlease employees talking about the company and some of their experiences. This was followed by individual interviews, with one Manager from a particular department along with one member of the HR team. The interview was very relaxed and easy going.
The people who interviewed me were members of the management team and HR team that are an inspiration and held the qualities the company is trying to embrace within it's culture.
Resume applications early, phone interview, group interview and individual interview on the same day.
I was recruited as part of a last minute intake and so my experience is different from the general intake. I applied online and had to answer screening questions that related to problem solving and values. Following this I was invited to a face-to-face interview and then offered the position.
The interview process was straightforward and the interviewers made the process seem a lot less nerve wracking.
My first interview with Lendlease came across slightly disorganised. First, we were given a presentation about the company's values, projects etc. Secondly, we had a group assessment where we had to solve a problem. Thirdly, an one-on-one interview My second interview with Lendlease was just a casual interview
Online forum, phone interview, in person interview.
Application online phone interview Interview in person in front of a panel
Online application --> Follow up questionnaire --> Phone interview --> face-to-face interview (with group component) --> Offer
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
Performance and scenario based questions related to previous experience. For example, can you tell me about a time you had a difficult customer and how did you manage them?
My passions in the industry, my education, a little bit about me personally.
Past experience based and behavioral
Behavioral questions, generic ones like "what do you know about the company", "why this company".
Questions about past work experience and me in general.
Experience, expectations, situational based questions, aspirations
What are you most proud of?
Questions regarding my experience to date and why I had chosen this as my career path.
Why LL, situational based "what-if" questions, chance to ask interviewer questions.
Why do you want to work in the industry, how do you think you will cope, "why do you think you don't have a job yet?" (ouch), are you happy to move locations
Questions were scenario type situations where you were asked to explain or describe a situation you had previously been involved in.
Past experience, situations and scenarios; focus on values; areas of enjoyment at university; teamwork scenarios; What attracted me to the company.
Problem based questions - "Talk about a time when you had to solve a difficult problem", team based questions such as how I dealt with problem team members, etc.
Behavioural and circumstantial questions were asked. as well as company knowledge related.
I was asked questions such as: 'why do you want to work for Lendlease' 'what do you know about Lendlease' 'name a time you had a difficult experience with a client' 'outline the career progression of an engineer in Lendlease'
Basic situational questions, experience etc.
Why do you want to work for Lendlease? What projects do you like that Lendlease has delivered? What do you think of diversity?
About myself, my experience, my values, how I operate.
Situational questions - when have you dealt with conflict/successful projects/teamwork etc. Past experience in work or social clubs.
Previous role responsibilities and behavioural questions
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Be prepared to demonstrate your experience in a meaningful way. The company also looks for well-rounded individuals which have extra-curricular activities etc.
Read up about the company you are applying for, know their values and what they stand for. Prepare by embodying their values and showing how you fit in with that culture.
To ensure that you have reflected on your past experiences that demonstrate your abilities, not necessarily university related
Elaborate on every skill and experience gained to date whether at uni or work where there was a lesson learned, either positive (knowing what to do in future) or negative (knowing what to avoid in the future). Extract all transferable skills that can be applied to any role.
I did very little to prepare. The best tip anyone has ever given me is simply to be yourself. If they don't like you for who you are then you are better suited elsewhere.
Be yourself. Express to Lendlease what you are looking for in your job and your aspirations. Ensure regular communication with HR staff to ensure you're not being left out.
Come prepared with specific examples
Don't prepare. Go in there and be yourself. I recall telling my interviewers about some of the things I would get up to when in a band. Just say what is on your mind, interviewer will see you as being confident and comfortable and they in turn will be also.
Consider previous experiences or situations you have been in that could be used in the scenario based questions, things like times you were faced with an ethical dilemma and how you reacted, times you have been challenged, situations where you were forced to think and react quickly to resolve an issue. In the group situation just be yourself.
Be truthful to yourself and display your best qualities. This way you be matched with the right manager and succeed within whichever company you get offered to work for.
Research the company and make sure you're aware of which business you've applied for.
I would tell candidates to research as much as they can about Lendlease and focus in on Lendlease's values such as safety, diversity, innovation. I would tell candidates that Lendlease does not just look at grades but also what extra-curricular activities candidates have done (i.e. volunteering, clubs, sports, work experience, job)
Think through each question carefully and answer truthfully.
Research about the company and what projects they have completed and what they have achieved. Provide good examples of when you have worked in a team and be confident.
Investigate the company, it's history and projects and know how it operates meaning investigate how you can add value to the company.
Past work experience is an important factor, seemingly more so than grades. Teamwork and social skills are also very important - you will always be working in high-pressure team environment so it's important that you can demonstrate those qualities.
Understand your previous role and progression into new role
Being the loud confident person in the group interview is not the best way to get through. Measured and accurate comments that make sense are a lot more worthwhile. Don't try to steer the ship without information to back you up.
Do your homework and practice the std interview questions and be yourself
Just relax. They're friendly here and if you've made it to the interview, it's because they're satisfied with what they've read in your questionnaires and seen on your resume. They want to know if you have a personality. So have a conversation with them, keep it light, make a joke - just don't think too much and act like they're just people (because they are!).. Get on the website, learn about the company. Read about the company values and what's important to them and it should be pretty obvious what they're looking for in those questionnaire responses - it's not about grades and work experience as much as it is about making it clear you like to try new things, that you have a good work-life balance (extracurricular activities), what do you enjoy besides work, and how you fit in with their values