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Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Open plan, team based working, promotion of exercising and healthy eating, business casual dress code.
Location is close to the project site which is important. Facilities are well equipped and cater for all people. Dress code is business casual respective of understanding the need for more formal business attire depending on interactions with stakeholders and clients.
Based at Rockdale, fully renovated. Business casual attire
Head office is moving to Tower 3 at Barangaroo, with a new agile-working layout encouraging higher levels of collaboration in a more relaxed/less corporate environment. We have a commercial kitchen in our fitout that will provide healthy meals on the menu. The dress code recently changed to business casual, although this has not been actively promoted as yet.
Average office space, average location, super facilities. Good dress code
Very updated, high quality and recently fitted out office spaces along with business casual dress code.
Our office is relatively spacious for the amount of staff we currently have. We work out of 5 offices in the building with a maximum of 5 desks in each. The IT seems to be an issue in the building though, with a constant battle accessing the server.
The offices are very similar, however hierarchical aspects are evident in layout, dress codes etc. The office locations are dependent on active projects, however very Sydney-centric, which is also aligned with opportunities to grow within the company. We need more lockers and showers, however appreciate a stocked kitchen filled with healthy snacks and drinks.
City and river views, IT services, fresh fruit & drinks fridge stocked. Casual to business professional dress code - depending on the day, whether meeting clients etc.
Depends on where you are. The head office (just built) has a green wall, views of the ocean, end of trip facilities, and is a flexible working arrangement (no fixed seating). The dress code is corporate but more relaxed if you aren't client facing.
At the moment, we are located on site which is an hour drive from where I live. The site offices and compound is really good quality and there is plenty of light. The toilets and the lunchroom is always kept clean. The dress code on site is Long longs, ie. jeans and a long top.
Good facilities, flexible dress code. Mostly business casual. Good office location.
Stand up - sit down desks great supply of healthy food in the kitchen. Always clean. Dress code is smart office attire
Very nice location, new office. The Sydney office will be even better I'm sure.
Site offices are very poor in quality. Head office is great.
Dress code, smart casual. Head office is luxury. The site offices aren't bad either.
Super office although we're just about to move to an allegedly even better one. Company has just adopted a "business casual" dress code. Facilities here are great and the buildings are world-class
Office is nice, location is ideal. Bathroom facilities are inadequate. Dress code is neat casual.