A day in the life of…

Graduate, People and Culture at Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA)

Qandeel Memon studied Bachelor of Commerce at University of Sydney and is now a Graduate, People and Culture at Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA)

6:45 am

First alarm rings. Awkwardly attempt to hit snooze.


Second alarm rings. Time to begin the day! I get ready and dressed and make my bed. I usually skip breakfast because our office is stocked to the brim with different types of fruit. 

8:00 am

Armed with a black tea and an odd selection of songs on my phones playlist, I’m ready to head to the station and catch the short train to Melbourne CBD.


Arrive at the office. I head to the kitchen en route to my desk and grab my breakfast before catching up with my co-workers for bit.


Head to my desk and set up my laptop to officially begin the workday. I scan through my emails and begin processing any paperwork that has been left on my desk. I then begin to go through any of the tasks I’ve been assigned to do. This can range to anything from drafting up forms, dropping off paperwork, to different people within LXRA to researching for long term projects.


A short coffee break and “tart time” with some of the other graduates. 


Peer Connect team meeting with a few of the other grads. This session helps the grads forge stronger connections, and helps us navigate our own learning within the grad program. We sometimes get a speaker in from one of the departments within LXRA to come and share their knowledge and the skills they have learnt. Usually we offer support and discuss ways to get the most out of our graduate program. 


Lunch time! Depending on the day and who is available, I either grab lunch with my team or catch up with the other graduates. This helps me unwind and reenergise so that I can tackle the rest of my workload for the day. 


Back at my desk checking through any emails I’ve received in the last hour, and following up on those. Usually during this time, I receive work that must be submitted in work that is time constrained and must be completed immediately. Given the nature of the Business Partnerships space which I am currently rotating in, this usually involves compiling some information for a meeting, reading through the Victorian Enterprise Agreement for policy surrounding different matters, and proofreading paperwork such as Flexible Working Arrangement forms. 


Meeting with the larger People and Culture team to discuss any issues we are currently tackling. We also discuss our progress on a number of projects we are undertaking, and any solutions to challenges that have arose during the process. We end by recognising the hard work of individuals within the team and commending them on their contribution to our organisation. 


Utilise this part of my day to research any policies, practices and initiatives that I would like to put into place at LXRA. Given the flexibility of my program and the support I receive from my team, I have the capacity to work on anything that interests me in the field of Human Resources which I can help implement at LXRA. Sometimes I liaise with the other teams within the People and Culture department and assist with developing collateral for workshops as part of the graduate learning series. Recently, I helped put together collateral regarding Change in organisations, and how best to manage your responses to change. 


Work concludes for the day. I catch the train home with some of the grads, where we just catch up on the day’s events and discuss any plans for Friday. As per tradition, the graduates catch up on Fridays for social drinks and sometimes dinner. 


Arrive home, change and relax for a bit while scrolling through my newsfeed. 


Get dressed to head out to dinner with friends or family. Having moved to  Melbourne just recently, there’s plenty to see and explore so I try to do something new every other day.


Arrive home, shower, make a cup of tea and get into bed to relax and binge a few hours of Netflix, or read a book. 


Set a bunch of alarms and head to bed!