Career Prospects at Linfox

Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.

Unsure - but the previous Graduates I know of now have good positions.
Graduate, Auckland
It all depends on what you have achieved and whether there are vacancies
Graduate, Sydney
Apply for positions at different sites or get notices for outstanding work/ reputation from great performance
Graduate, Greystanes
Depending on the individual's passion and drive, under the right management it can be achieved.
Graduate, Hazelmere
There is plenty of opportunities, but at the end of the day it’s proving your worth. The opportunities there, you just have to take it.
Graduate, Auckland
There are many promotion opportunities within the business, however these are not handed out - hard work is the bare minimum requirement.
Graduate, Sydney
It’s a bit difficult being in a graduate position to progress really far but if you have the right work ethic I hope it will be fine
Graduate, Port Augusta
There are some good job opportunities once you finish your graduate program.
Graduate, Port Hedland
Linfox has a strong culture of promotion from within and there will always be opportunities for those who wish to advance within the company.
Graduate, Perth
Network, skills, establishing a career plan together with managers.
Graduate, Sydney
I think your work ethic and capabilities say it for yourself in this company. They believe in internal promotion & rewarding their employee's which is a good prospect.
Graduate, Melbourne
Lots of business units so there is a lot of opportunities
Graduate, Melbourne
Promotion is achievable, but requires commitment and hard work.
Graduate, Sydney