Corporate Social Responsibility at Linfox

What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?

Environmental and employee health initiatives
Graduate, Auckland
They're environmental conscious so they are doing everything they can to reduce fuel emission.
Graduate, Sydney
Reduction of greenhouse gasses programs
Graduate, Brisbane
My company is a big enforcer of the Chain of Responsibility, thus making individuals responsible for their decisions in the workplace. Also have a Lean initiative and Green initiative to reduce waste and environmental impacts, as well as an employee Health initiative to provide employees with information to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Graduate, Hazelmere
Aim to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% on 2008 emissions by 2015 (big focus), I worked on a number of projects focused on waste reduction, we also sponsor a number of events, and charities.
Graduate, Auckland
We have a project run called Green fox where we look at trying to make better environmental changes around the workplace.
Graduate, Port Augusta
There are some programs in place.
Graduate, Sydney
Determined to constantly cut down on Greenhouse gases and negative emissions. Always looking to reduce fuel use in favour of the environment. Offers a course for all drivers on ways to reduce emission. E.g., soft breaking, slow accelerating etc.
Graduate, Wellington
Always looking at ways to improve work culture and diversity
Graduate, Melbourne
Always looking ways to save both environmentally as well as financially. I have been involved in introducing a better recycling program to help with the amount of plastic that is used for the wrapping of pallets
Graduate, Brisbane