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Job Satisfaction at Linfox

8.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 33 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Testing new IT solutions, and troubleshooting existing ones. Writing training materials, visiting sites to give training, following up on external support requests.
Working with legal team to finalise supplier and quality agreements
Completing graphs, KPIs and day to day activities
I look for tasks that could be improved upon and work on efficiency improving projects. If someone is away I fill in their role, from admin to transport coordinator to warehouse worker.
My role is varied and primarily consists of project work. Day-to-day responsibilities include investigating safety issues and ideas to combat injuries, completing weekly legislative updates to the business unit, ad-hoc tasks, emails etc. It's pretty random, but good.
Supervising and training employees to ensure they are fully aware of tasks to be carried out and who is responsible for these tasks to carry out smooth operations.
Fleet management, fleet maintenance, safety of our people, project involvement (sometimes project management), continuous improvement initiatives, despatching metro orders, rate reviews etc.
Transport Management: planning/allocating/fleet management. Transport Compliance: Dealings with RMS/PBS and internal parties in regards to federal regulations. Customer engagement and operational effectiveness.
Conducting financial analysis on revenue and expenses Assessing and quoting on commercial opportunities
I have a bit of a mixed role between completing site risk assessments (working out in the truck), safety report, assisting with invoicing and payroll, and general day to day tasks (including manning phones, spreadsheet work, processing orders)
I run a special freight system within the BHP contract and are responsible for spending over 1 million dollars within the last 4 months. I also help run the Port Augusta site in its day to day operations and working with truck drivers.
Support desk, new transport system so when operators have difficulty or need a process developed for them I help them out
Daily paperwork, KPIs, analysis, service schedule and booking fleet maintenance, safety, site delivery guides
Currently I am performing in an operational role, working with different parts of Linfox and its sub-contractors to schedule sea and rail containers for unloading into storage. I also work on several facilities management based projects for the regional manager.
contractor management, reviewing job safety analysis, data entry liaising with other departments