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Management at Linfox

7.9 rating for Management, based on 33 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
From what I've seen, the communication and interaction is positive and constructive.
Some managers are very accessible and would make great mentors
Managers are not the most accessible due to their busy schedule. However they are always open to providing constructive feedback and praises where they're due.
My business does this very well, have met and discussed things about my career with very important people
I like my managers, and they're very accessible. I get feedback when asked.
Very accessible, senior managers are quite easy to get a hold of for advice and they are always more than willing to help provide opportunity for growth.
Managers are very accessible, and more than happy to help and discuss issues. I have my own senior manager assigned as my mentor at the start of my program.
Manager are very accessible and more than willing to assist with development.
Managers work hard to assist drivers to further their skills and are accessible as much as possible. They provide feedback and are working to extend their communication skills
Great mentors for graduates, better communication required from some for core staff (non-corporate staff)
Managers are quite accessible.
I am based at a small site and I hold my relationships with staff on every level close and friendly.
I have had good and bad experiences with this but I believe the bad was a once off experience I think generally management interacts very well with employees and when its done well it's done very well.
I work with 4 different managers in different areas. All are great information sources and help out when I need them.
Reasonable small management team, very approachable